Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween to YOU!

I've been baking all night long in my new apron.
What do you think of my bread bowls?
We're having Rachel Ray's TexMex chili tonight in them.

Little Spidey says "Have a Sweet & Sticky evening".

"HA! You wish you could make those," laughed my daughter.
I think I should be insulted, but obviously she knows me well. Baking bread is not my specialty. My husband just said, "I could make those." Okay, you're on.
How cool! Run to your local Great Harvest store for them.
They said they just added coloring to the dough.

"I want candy....I want candy." Harry & Shadowman are ready!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Harry and Shadowman have the cutest smiles. have some yummy fun tonite!

  2. What a clever little bread bowl. Quite festive. I hope it's yummy too! Logan is going as fireman as well!

  3. Okay, that is just about the dang cutest thing!! do I say that every post?? probably. I want to be like you so I will go to MY local Great Harvest. Can I just BUY some chili. I so do not have time to make anything..............

  4. I was soooo impressed with your baking abilities, but now even more impressed with your shopping abilities. I love Great Harvest Bread!!

  5. I love the bread bowls! I thought how does she had the time. I am going to Great Harvest next year. I love your display (with cake plate)!