Monday, November 17, 2008

Room for Two

Look what my friend found for her little girls for Christmas at our local craft boutique! I'm storing them until then. The crafter found the bunkbeds at a thrift store, fixed them up & made the bedding.

Added stenciling.

Little stuffed mattresses... it looks like a muslin case with stuffing inside, simple but poofy & comfy.

The lace is charming -- such a sweet detail.

The quilts have been tea-dyed and tied with floss.

They are pretty big. Here's Harry trying to find a nap spot.

Should she buy dolls or make them? If anyone knows of a great pattern, tell me. Hope this inspires someone to get creative!


  1. I know of the perfect patterns for dolls, they are so easy to make and the cutest thing, I made my son the peanut pattern and he totally loves it, packs it everywhere. The lady sells the patterns on Etsy, her store name is bitofwhimsyprims (no spaces if you search it under the sellers tab), and if you do a search under "doodle girl" under handmade items it should come up. She has several different patterns. Check her out, she also has little tutorials on "you tube" to walk you through the patterns! They are great. Good luck!

  2. Those are so darling. I'm sure they will be a huge hit! Speaking of Christmas, I better get working on that tee pee! Have a great day girls!

  3. Those are the most darling doll beds! My girls would have loved them when they were little!
    Have a Blessed Day,

  4. Very cute! I was surprised at how big they are, or how small Harry is ;)
    One year my hubby made a doll bed for our daughter's AG doll that matched the bed he had made her a few years earlier. I made a little quilt to match the one I had made for her bed. She loved it of course and still has it.

  5. I still have my little doll cradle from when I was a little girl. Of course, it's just in storage as my boys would trash it. Who knows, maybe I'll have a little girl around (grandchild!! No surprise announcement here.) I love your blog. It just makes me happy to read it. Almost like I've gotten to spend some time with you. Maybe sometime when life is less crazy, right?

  6. I was going to recommend The Bit of Whimsy dolls but I see Rose beat me to the punch. I bought one of the whimsy patterns (can't remember which one) and I've used it to make dolly gifts for lots of little girls and it is always a hit. That bedding sure looks comfy . . . almost makes me want to take a nap. Guess I better not though since I'm at work. Hope you have a great week!

  7. I'm an old-fashioned Raggedy Ann type myself.

    There are lots of beautiful doll patterns on ebay. There's one vintage sweet doll called Sophie from McCall's patterns that's a classic rag doll.

  8. Inside a Black apple has really sweet dolls. You can get them for free from Martha. Or by a doll kit or even a doll from her Etsy site. There is a link to her page on my page.

  9. Cute bed! Makes me wish I wouldn't have bought my girls that bubbly plastic Little Tykes "baby center" a few years ago. It's so "belongs in the backyard" compared to that adorable bunk bed.

  10. Those beds are so cute! They definitely need handmade dolls. Here's the link: to a wonderful blog post about a handmade doll and the patterns she used.