Friday, January 23, 2009

Holy Boatload of Pictures, Batman!

It all started here in the frozen tundra of Germany Idaho.
I just googled a picture that looked like our weather.
Just so happened that Germany was having the same kind of weather.

No kidding, our trees looked just like this.
Pretty but not warm and cozy. 14, 15 16 hours later............Palm Trees. Now that is cozy.

And check out the sunset.

And check out the JC Penny pose.

The following are in no particular order because I have hills of laundry to do (not mountains of laundry because I married a man who is not above keeping up with the laundry AND folding it AND putting it away. I know. and not much time for continuity and blog beauty. Here we are at the end of a very long, yet completely enjoyable day at Disneyland. The sign says, "Thanks for Visiting Disneyland"

You're welcome.

Tiki Room, I love your nostalgic goodness, your non-computer

animated birds and fake thunder storm.

I love the fact that this probably totally thrilled folks in the 1960's.

Well, it still thrills me and makes me so happy to sing along.

May you live long and prosper, Tiki Room.

Meeting up with Michael Ann was a highlight! Corrie was even quick on her toes and grabbed a fast pass for her and we were able to go on Splash Mountain together. We were trying to coordinate our arms so that MA was in the middle but we just ended up pretty much blocking her out.

Hmmmm.....what would Freud say?

Always thinking ahead, Corrie suggested we take a picture together before we looked like wet rats. (although I would argue, I'm already there)

Photo Exit Only we thought was very fitting. ??

It was there, we were is what it is.


I love children and suckers.
And I love to say, "You are what you eat."
Miss Hailey
Eeeerch! Kung Pao Chicken cooking.

Not at Disneyland.

But anytime you can get Vanessa and I in the kitchen,

it's worth a photo opportunity.

Back to Disneyland, Autopia.

Driving the freeways at night.

It was dreamy.
I have no idea where this picture is taken. All I know is that looks like green grass in the background and that's always a good thing to see.
Des, Vanessa and Rory

Cheesy grins courtesy of JC Penny

OH, it's the Storybook Canal ride.
above and below. like you really care. but thanks for trying.

Our little dollies were SUPER TROOPERS all day at Disneyland.

I love you, little dollies.

My honey pots, in the honey pots.

Notice Frenchy bag!

Homemade by VP.

More Tiki love.

Alrighty is one of our sewing moments.
Sewing for all ages.
Equal opportunity sewing.

I see many homemade goodies in their future.
Introduced Vanessa to the finer points of sewing by machine instead of hand. Nothing wrong with hand sewing...........but machine works a little better for clothes and purses. :)

She cranked out this Frenchy Bag.

Notice Sun in the background.

We forgot what that looked like.

Thank you , Thank you, Thank you, V. You were the best hostess ever!!

You had very little notice and welcomed us in no questions asked.

Our cute, little dad was with us on this adventure and we are so bad we never take pictures. So on our last minute together at our Rendez Vous point in exciting Burley, Idaho, we snapped a quickie! Thank you Papa doo for putting all those miles on your car!
He's so fun to travel with.

And there you have it, Batman.


  1. I am stealing all of these pictures! Seriously, we had such a great time. I can't wait until our next adventure! LOVE YOU GUYS!

  2. LOVE IT!! Thanks for all the pictures. They make me SMILE!! :D
    Awwww, your daddy went with you, how sweet is that. Enjoy those moments girlies...
    I KNEW that picture was taken on the Storybook Canal boats...I was going to write and tell you then I see you figured it out. Don't you know your Disney woman???? ;)
    You are so patient to be sewing with everyone - no matter the age!
    LOVED this post!

  3. oh it looks like yall the perfect time!!!

  4. looks like you guys had such a blast!! love the first picture of the tree all white!! how wierd to be in sunny california one day and then be in the midst of feet of snow!

  5. Kay the JCPENNY pose??!! That one had me. You're so witty I love it. :o)

  6. y'all sure look like you are having fun! What a neat trip you took.

  7. I love all of your pictures! Especially the one with your dad. What a neat memory.

  8. I'm on my way to "the happiest place on earth" tomorrow..Yipee!

  9. The last photo is absolutely precious -- a picture worth a thousand words!

  10. I am thrilled that I got the chance to meet you girls in person. What a treat! And I'm glad everyone had fun and made it home safely!

  11. Well good for you both. How fun. Snow yesterday - we did too. So it is back to reality time. Good times though. Loved the pics.