Friday, January 9, 2009

Home Away from Home

I love going to Corrie's house.
We live 5 hours apart and that's just TOO far away.
So I shall document for myself a little tour here when
I get sad and lonely for her abode.
While she was busy cutting and packaging, I snuck around the house and took some photos of some of my favorite parts and places.

This HAS to be my most beloved area. It's worth the 12 mile hike up the stairs. When you reach the peak you get to look at this beauty of an antique. Everytime I see it I determine that I will make one of these very soon for my very own.

This is my favorite star.

I've looked into getting the paper pieces here to make it.

Don't we all need one?
Maybe we need a little block exchange.
Work on that for me, would ya??

This hangs on the wall of 'my' room. Shadowman is good enough to give up his room when we visit. Sometimes I just sit and stare at all the little squares.

We bought a lot of the same fabric together years ago. Call me sick and warped, but I can remember where I bought most of it and what I was wearing when I bought it. Can't tell you where my son just told me he was going, but I can recall fabric purchases with perfect clarity.

This was our "quilt in a window" phase. She, of course, completed hers.

I still ponder doing one.

But I have 7 window frames sitting in the garage just waiting for a lovely quilt.

Can you say "Ginormous Irish Chain"?

CD just had to make.

I would have given up 12 times but not Corrie.

She plugged along on this for YEARS.

It's a beauty. I love it.

After I've had my workout of going UP the stairs, I can take a little time to enjoy the view on the way down.
I adore this little Irish Chain.
I've got the pattern written up around here somewhere. It's so simple and stricking. The quilting is vintage and appropriate for an old-fashioned quilt.
And finally, I spend a lot of time under these cute kitchen curtains pondering why I don't live in her neighborhood.
I think she found an odd shaped table runner or tablecloth of somekind and turned them into a valance. She also whipped out the embroidery hanging above.
Well I bought the same kit she did and.....yeah, it's done but it hangs unframed and wrinkled above my sewing machine. the kitchen where it belongs. It is about washing dishes after all. That's my Corrie........she's a finisher.
I'm just along for the ride most of the time.
I just wish the ride wasn't so far away. ~


  1. Wow, I have to say I aspire to have wonderfully beautiful quilts like that hanging in my house one day. I am a starter, but not so much a finisher myself, but these pictures give me a kick in the pants. I will get the pieces cut for my son's quilt this weekend, I just know I will!!

  2. Oooo! I love that antique star quilt. And also love the Ginormous Irish Chain. Thanks for the photo tour!

  3. Beautiful quilts. Alas, I too and NOT a finisher. But I'm working on it. Slowly. And in between school and such. Which reminds me I really shouldn't be here...:)Thanks for sharing!

  4. My sister lives about 10 minutes for me, I am so lucky to have her nearby. I'm not sure about her being a "finisher" but I know my husband calls me a "starter" as I have quite a few projects that are in some stage of being created but not finished. The only projects that I really make myself finish are anything sewing related! After I finished the first few and my sewing area started taking over my kitchen, he started to get annoyed, so I simply asked him "I'm finishing them, can it really be THAT bad?" He didn't comment. Beautiful quilts, I can't imagine the hours that went into them, I'm not up to that yet! I prefer simple, quick projects!

  5. what a treat. Corrie certainly has accomplished & is living a quilter's dream. what a sneaky sister you. hope she's not too mad. those pics have provided me with valuable inspiration to "finish" some of my own.

  6. Oh - I love all the quilts that you have shown us - I especially like that little wall hanging with the 3 purple/pink coneflowers - one of my favorite flowers!

  7. Love it, love it all!

    I fall somewhere in between. I have a lot of started projects, but I do get around to finishing most of them.
    Awesome photo tour, much appreciated. And if you want to talk far, 14+ hours is wayyyy too far to be from loved ones. I'd take 5 any day of the week. ;)

  8. Thanks for the quilt show. They are all so great.

  9. Thanks for that tour. Lovely, lovely finished quilts! No wonder you love it there.

  10. My sister lives right next door, but alas she does nothing crafty, she can appreciate it but does not do it, so we really do not go fabric shopping, she would if I asked, but I know she is gloing just to be nice. I am like your sister, I finish, i do not have too many UFOs around the house. I am in love with the star quilt, and if I thought i could make them without cuting off the points i would swap in a minute. thanks to you and your sister for a great tour! i can also see she is a neat freek!! I cannot say that about me!!!

  11. Do you think she will let me come and visit?? Totally enjoyed every frame.

  12. Your own private quilt show any time you want to make a 5 hour drive! If you made me choose a favorite it would be the ginormous Irish Chain - beautiful! The house must feel so cozy and loving with all the quilts and embroidery. I would love to see pictures of 'the store' as well as Corrie's crafting area. :D
    The sister that I grew up with, that is the one closest in age, lives 6 hours away. She chooses not to be crafty in any way and that makes me sad.

  13. Thank you for the tour of Corrie's house. What beautiful, exquisite quilts. Oh, my goodness. Thank you for posting them. I love the kitchen curtains also. It's amazing the fortitude that Corrie has - and good taste, I might add. Thanks again. Linda

  14. I really need to check the pending posts daily. good grief. Fear struck just now when you sent me that email. I love the cropping out of the kitchen sink -- thank you and all of the other clutter. I am not a neat freak. Well, there you go, pieces of me. :-) When's your house tour? I'll bring my camera next time I come.

  15. oh my goodness...
    I just love that Ginormous Irish Chain's so beautiful
    I want one just like it!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Julia ♥

  16. Isn't there something so cozy about quilts all over the place? I just love her house, and count me in for a star exchange. I love that quilt. And the Irish chain? Makes me want to start one today.

  17. What a wonderful tour! Thanks so much for sharing. I don't have any sisters ( just two younger brothers) and I'm envious of those who have sisters! You are so lucky! Cherish her, Des.

  18. I love Corrie's house too...and I have never seen it not clean. When I grow up I want to be just like her...a finisher of projects, good housekeeper, great sister (you are sooo lucky, Des) and a fun friend. Every quilt you have makes me smile...and long to start another project.

  19. WOWm what a breautiful tour of your home. i can see why you would love to spend as much time as you to there. Wonderful company and wonderful surroundings. How fantastic! Someday, my housee will be just as put together. (probalby when it is turned into a meuseam of the home of one of the last farmers), Maybe they can keep it cleaned up cause I sure can;t, ha ha

  20. Thanks for the tour! Gorgeous quilts everywhere you look! I'm thinking maybe we should just kidnap Corrie, take her to an undisclosed location, hold a squirt gun to her head and force her to make quilts for us! I'll start cutting out letters from my old magazines so we can get the ransom letter ready. Oh WAIT, We don't want money, we just want quilts!!

  21. Wow- i would kill to have what it took to make one of these quilts! Totally inspiring.

  22. ok look all you want but we need Cory to move here, not you there enough said... Corrie everything is just beautiful love it shelto

  23. Holy Cow she's got some amazing quilts. I love them all but yes, of course mine is the vintage star quilt. It is simply incredible. Although that irish chain is pretty fab too. Nice pics and a nice tour.