Friday, January 2, 2009

Projects Old & New

That Freda! She's at it again. Or rather Nanette and Cheryl are.

The premise: While thoughts of homemade sugarplum fairies are still dancing through our heads........we should recall all those brilliant finds and tutorials in one central location and get started EARLIER on our Christmas Love Gifts for 2009.

For those of you that sleep through most of my's a recap of what I made this Christmas followed by what I wished I had made this year.

Are you following me yet??
Just making sure you're paying attention.
Now, for what I wished I had made and can't wait to make for next year, . I'm starting today!
Clockwise L to R, with commentary:
Joke Advent Calendar: Tell me that everyone on your list doesn't need one of these on Dec. 1st. This would totally rock for the little boy/girl scout in your life. Or even Grandma and Grandpa. Or, heck, your school teacher, or ME. Yes, you could make it for me, then I wouldn't have to. And I will laugh heartily at every joke.

Elfies Embroidery: Beyond adorable. I want dishtowels, t-shirts, pillowcases, hey how about a big long string of them holding hands.

Parchment Loaves: How clever, how cute! I got a Kitchenaid (Martha Stewart Blue, thank you) for Christmas and I will be whipping these up all year long. Quick breads are not just for Christmas. They are for good neighbors, like me.

Homemade Christmas Garland: I think I went ice skating once as a camp fire girl in 1974. But there is just something about the silhouette of ice skates that says..........Dorothy Hamil wanna be. I think I want to have homemade garlands all year long.

Lap Desk: This would be for ME and maybe you if you're on my nice list.
How cute is this???!! And a wonderful excuse to use fun fabric. I need a different 'pillow' for each month.

Root Deer: Who thinks of this stuff?? Apparently, Little Birdie Secrets. Brilliant. ALL of my neighbors will receive this next year.

Little House Ornaments: I've been dreaming of these since Halloween. I just didn't get my act together soon enough this year. But watch out tomorrow! I'm getting felt and I'm going to find my inner beader.

Pocket Advent Calendar: Possibly the most witty and imaginative idea yet. I can see this being sent to college kids, missionaries, servicemen, tweeny friends etc. etc. etc. I think I would possibly be anointed coolest aunt in the world if I just sent this to all of my nieces and nephews. Yes?? Have I mentioned how much I love this idea??!!!

Napkins: Again, I can work with more fabric than I deserve. I love to crochet and I would love to have my friends and loved ones wiping gravy on these. That would bring me joy. If I can save one person from a needless stain, then I have done some good in the world.

Roll Up Kitchen Playmat: Tell me that this is not beyond adorable. Go ahead, just try. I'm going to be a grandma SOME DAY and I think I need to start collecting and making. Don't you think the church nursery needs one too??

Whew! This is enough to keep me busy right up until Dec. 24th.
Play along.
Follow all the good ideas here.

Happy 2009~


  1. it's like you have opened up my head and taken a peek inside. this is exactly what i was thinking about. you have some great ideas here. i will be following along and doing my best to be ready on time next year.

  2. I'm glad all these links are being collected in one place. I've bookmarked a lot of those projects already.

    I'm thinking those elves might show up for Valentines Day around here, since they have that little heart. Soooooo cute.

  3. This is such a great idea! I swear, I stalk blogs looking for craft ideas (because I don't have enough UFO's), and then I see your list - and it has stuff that I. haven't. seen! I love that Joke advent calendar - and the idea for the crocheted edge!! While I've crocheted edges before, I never thought to do it THAT way. Holy Cow! Pure Brilliancy! Thanks for your list ;)

  4. I love, love, love the crocheted napkins! Not that we ever use napkins - but they are pretty!

  5. That is one awesome list. ANd I don't use that word all that much. I love the variety and different skills they all take. FYI I started to make the match game - bought all the supplies - and then used the wrong glue. I'm going to try again. I put it away for now because I was mad at myself but this makes me think I've gotta retry. It is one of the first on my list for next year. I think I was hurrying too much. But that won't happen next time - I HOPE! Thanks for all your support. You gals are my favs. And I'm so happy with minny muu. I love it. I have been using it to make more pot holders and other delights coming up.

  6. Great idea! I need to start way earlier than September though. You have great ideas here and then even MORE over at Nanette's! Lovin' this. I am for SURE making some note cards this year too. :D

  7. More great ideas. We will always have something to work on.

  8. I am glad to know that I'm not the only one that is looking forward to making things already. Its too fun.
    Thanks for the ideas!

  9. Great motivation! Let's get busy. I had lots of things I meant to make. Thanks for sharing!

  10. That little house ornament is too stiking cute. I've gotta make that!

  11. My gosh, leave it to you to have such a list of wonderful things to do. How you come up with these ideas, I don't know. You are wonderful. I personally are trying the wrist warmers. Who would have thought to come up with a great idea like that. Karebear