Friday, February 20, 2009


Patch of ice 7 feet by 2 feet

I have watched this girl EVERYday run out there
right after school to "skate".

HOURS later.......she begs me to come try.

Finally today I succumbed. YOU try to skate with a dog in the middle of your rink!

My inner Dorothy Hamil finally came through.

I even had her haircut in the 70's.
In fact, I even made a dress in high school
that was a "Dorothy Hamil Butterick Pattern".
Here let me google and see if I can find it.

Bummer. No luck. I was going to have to marry google if I could find it. I found plenty of other Dorothy Hamil patterns, but not my striped dress one. I even bowled in it. I know.

Marsha calls this her 'crazy feet' move. She slides back and forth and back and forth.
And 'they' say kids today have no imagination.


  1. I had the same haircut! Didn't you LOVE watching Dorothy in the Olympics?? Hey...I have a BIG (well bigger than yer 'rink' there) pond, frozen over. My son has even skated on it. Bring yer skates!

  2. P.S. I want to see the pattern. I am wondering if I had the same one. :D

  3. looks like fun! we only had a little snow and ice this year and it didn't last for long and I kind of doubt we will be getting much more now - maybe a flurry or two.

  4. I had a Dorothy haircut too! Weren't we just too cool for school? Sadly, I also had the Farah Fawcett haircut. It takes a real person to admit that.

  5. how fun! now i want to go ice skating. it's been so long but use to love it!!

  6. Hey, let me check my scrapbooks, maybe I can find it :-). I need more details, take me back, remind me. No snow here, that looks like fun. Hi Marsha!

  7. Okay, it was like a one piece dress and I wore a big white belt with it. The material was striped JUST LIKE DOROTHY"s picture on the pattern. i think it was red, white and blue but not a patriotic coloring....more deeper colors and oh so very stylish. I bought the fabric at the downtown Burley fabric store. remember??

  8. This is striped and with a belt...

  9. your inner dorothy hamil.
    i about died reading that!!!

  10. Tee hee - me too on the haircut. Didn't look anything like Dorothy's though! It's good to re- visit our early geekiness once in a while!

  11. I guess that answers my question. It is still snowing in Idaho, or you still have snow on the ground. Either way it still looks like a beautiful sunny bright snowy winter wonderland. You go Dorthy! ooxx`jodi