Sunday, February 22, 2009

Drool On This....and other post titles

These Cherries Don't Have Pits
Slobber on Me
Who Drooled on My Cherries?
That's not Ketchup.....that's a Cherry!
Napkins for Gnomes!
While requesting a clever title for this post,
THIS is what my family came up with.
I'm glad I don't require this kind of help everyday.
In an effort to keep up with my Christmas goals for 2009,
I decided to test drive a set of Crochet Edged Napkins.
I'm thrilled!
I concluded on my very own that we did not need napkins the size of a small country. So many of my napkins are HUGE and we use like a corner of it. Do we really need 17" of material to wipe the mustard from our face? The grime on our fingers? The spills on our shirt?? I think not.
I had to adjust a few things from the original idea.
This is not a tutorial.
This is my journey. Come travel with me.
I smell a Made-for-TV drama.
I started with cotton fabric.
My napkins are 9" x 11" (approx)
They are double sided? double faced? two-faced??
They act one way at lunch and another way at dinner.
I sewed all the way around it and then a big "X" in the middle.
I used a large zig zag for the edging.
My crochet thread was size 10 and
I used a size 12 crochet hook for the whole thing.
Now to decide who gets napkins for many do I make?
Just enough for the family?
8?? Because everyone needs 8?
Do I make 24 so they can have Thanksgiving dinner with them?
Do I get fancier on the edging?
Will Martha turn me in to the napkin police if mine aren't big enough?
Does anyone really care?
These are the questions of the day.
I'm all ears.
Speaking of ears.....have you made yours yet??

"I take my drooling very seriously."


  1. You sure come up with some cute stuff....

  2. now those are super cute!! love the cherries. :)

  3. I love them and no I don't think they need to be huge...just big enough to catch the drips!

    I know you said this wasn't a tutorial, but I have question...when you do your edging, do you do a buttonhole stitch around the edge first with a needle and then crochet into the "loops" or do you just jam your crochet hook right through the fabric?

  4. I crochet around flannel blankies but NEVER around a napkin... I can't wait to try it out! I have that cherry fabric just waiting to be some marvelous spring duds for my girlies....

  5. they are lovely!!! I have napkins I made as well but they don't have the fancy schmansy crochet edge like yours. I need to remedy that situation for sure!

  6. Wow! Those are darling! And of course, you crack me up! Enjoy your napkins and all the goodies that go with them!

  7. Love those! No, I don't think the edging needs to be fancier.

    And no, I haven't made my Mickey hot pads yet. I have about 8,745 projects that I need to finish right now. . .

  8. Impressive. We're still using Halloween napkins & Christmas dishes. Better fix that before you come.

  9. Oh they are wonderful, just the perfect size and i love the fabric, might be to pretty for my family to use!! but way to go green!!

  10. You TOTALLY crack me up! I am still laughing and I'm sure my family thinks I am now nuts. Oh wait they already do. LOL. Love the CHERRY napkins. Way fun! And the Blog Post title. AWESOME ! Your family ROCKS!

  11. Very cute, love the cherries. I'm going to make a roman blind for my kitchen using the farmers market apple material. Love fruit in the kitchen!! a question though, did you just pop holes in your fabric with your crochet hook to do the edging??

  12. Susan and Rose: You put a zig zag all the way around the edge and this is what you crochet in to on the first round. If you'll go to the link with the original idea, you will see a good close up of it. I used a larger zig zag then they show.

    Thanks for your feedback!

  13. So cute! I used that same fabric for my kitchen curtains!

  14. Those are lovely! The crochet edging really finishes them off. I read out the titles your family came up with to my partner....We both had a laugh over them.

  15. you're so right about the size. these are so cute.

  16. I love the cherry fabric. You know a person could make gazillions of these and use just every cute fabric! These are on my list to try!

  17. Well, I'm still probably not gonna crochet...I'm left handed and fifty years old and have had enough frustrations with trying to learn from a right handed world BUT just yesterday, while folding the big ol' faded and stained napkins coming out of the dryer, I was thinking, "You really should use some of that stockpiled fabrics to make new napkins. Yeah, but they just take so darned MUCH fabric!" I couldn't agree more that an 18" square really isn't necessary, so THANKS FOR THIS POST!!
    ps: very cute cherry napkins!

  18. I was thinking they would be really cute with rick rack tucked inside the seam. Then you would just have a nice little wave going around. I'm really in turmoil over the whole thought. Rick Rack=easy. Crochet=time spent. But does that really, really matter??? see? i'm torn. torn between two napkins.......feelin' like a fool............. lovin' both of breaking all the rules.......stop. stopping now.

  19. Those are perfect!! Now, get in the kitchen and make me a cherry pie. kidding. mostly. You're absolutely right, they don't need to be the size of Sweden (Sweden?). Unless of course you're making them for my big mouthed teenage son. (I can say whatever I want to about him here cause he don't read your blog. Sweet.) And I absolutely think you can make them with rick rack or crochet trim. Just because there's been another trim that you've needed and you've loved,
    that doesn't mean you love crochet trim any less. Rick Rack knows it can't possess you and it knows it never will. There's just this empty place inside of you that only Rick Rack can fill . . . sorry.

  20. I love these...I've done some around flannel for baby quilts and burp I'm thinkin' napkins!! Thanks for a great idea!!

  21. Those are so cute, and I agree on the sizing. Why do you need a table cloth to wipe your face? I love the idea of adding ric rac since I don't crochet.

  22. Well aren't these darling. I love the pictures of your family with them. You are quite crafty Des. Admit it.

  23. Very cute! Man, I wish I could crochet, but ric rac would be cute too. Love the cherries - very summery (sigh), but I would have to use a darker fabric or else I would be afraid of letting my goopy kids use them. Drool is an understatement for what goes on around here. :)

  24. Cute napkins! I would not do the crochet edge. #1)can't crochet #2)looks like handsewing to me.
    Good for you for getting those Christmas projects underway!

  25. I totally had to sing your "torn between two napkins" song. :D