Friday, April 3, 2009

No Foolin'

May you never tire of my "Be A Good Human" Days.
I spent all day on Wednesday, April Fool's Day, working with wonderful women and children.
We channeled our inner kindergartner and colored file folder games for children in third world countries.
The file folder games will go to orphanages and schools.
I just love these beautiful women and their daughters!!
It's so fun to get together and create!
Of course we needed a few quilts to tie.
Always need quilts to tie.
Everyone needs to be warm.
My Marsha loves her tack remover/putter inner.
And what is that white holey thing hanging down?
I'm so glad you asked. It's a brilliant hole template. We have to have our ties every 3"-4" so we just plop that template on top and then tie right in the holey space and we don't have to mark the top or guess and figure out a pattern. Are you with me??? Do you care?? Let me tell you in the tying quilt's genius!!
I love a mama and her little chicks sewing. Are they not adorable??
These beautiful 9 and 10 year old sisters hunkered down on these sewing machines and helped make school bags.
Future quilters!!
Right around the corner!!

It was another rocktastic! day.
We got to talk about how important education is and what a blessing in our lives to have wonderful, warm, colorful schools to attend with books and teachers and resources galore.
We hope these file folder games will bring joy and enlightenment to children throughout the world.
To learn more about what we do: click.


  1. What a great way to spend the day and looks like you got so much done! Nice to see the moms and daughters working side by side. :D

  2. It does look like everyone was having a good time...thanks for the pictures, made me smile.

  3. Such a great thing you are doing for others. What an inspiration!

  4. This is so neat! I love to see kids getting involved in the issues of other countries and helping out. You never see kids away from the video games and comeputer now a days.

  5. Oh what a wonderful day you had, so fun to see, thank you for sharing.

  6. Super duper Rocktastic! :) My kids LOVE file folder games and I'm sure the lucky kids that get yours will love them too. And that quilt are's genius! Thank you for sharing!

  7. What a great thing to do!

    And the tying template? Genius.

  8. What an awesome group & community you have. I should have come over.

  9. you, your family, and your community are Super Rocktastic Humans! very cool holey thing.

  10. I love this quilt! I think Ron is a little more loveable than Harry!

  11. Those days are addictive1 My school kids have gotten hooked making things for "other kids". We have become a "bootie factory" as well as school bags and a stuffed toy. You are a great inspiration!