Friday, May 15, 2009

Pop Goes the Pack

Slave labor = Me visiting Corrie.
I like to cut the pretty stuff so.......
A set of 46 or 92
You can purchase in Etsy or eBay


  1. Slave labor??? Sounds like that cushy institution that Martha was doing time in??? You get to play with pretty fabrics! Quit yer whining. :D

  2. Hey you two cute girls! Sit down and take a deep breath. Are you sitting? Okay, here goes. I absolutely LOVE the big flower patterned fabrics in this line. Yum yum! Love that blue color the most. Might have to get me some of this one.

  3. CJ is cracking me up!! :) Love all the fabric. Off I go to check our your etsy!

  4. Doing something with fabric is slave labor! I just came in from working in the yard, honey! Now that's slave labor! Have fun!