Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dick & Jane Tote SALE

Blog Special for YOU & YOUR teachers!


This is the perfect gift for a teacher, new mom or yourself. There's still time, (well actually, I'm leaving town til Sunday) -- but if you'd like one shipped today or Monday, let's do it.

Dick and Jane are here to play! Dick is on one side & Jane is on the other. The handle says, "Oh, look. See Jane. See, see. See Dick." Very nice quality denim tote bag/purse. The bag measures 15" x 15". From the top of the handles to the bottom of the bag is 24". It has pockets inside and a sewn in key ring with strap.

If you email me directly, it's $11 + $5.25 shipping - priority mail. Should get to you in a few days.

If you would rather purchase out of the store -- it's a little more -- Dick & Jane tote bag.

My diaper bag gave up the ghost on Sunday, so I grabbed my Dick & Jane tote - it's perfect. The gals at church loved it. Harry can't get my keys off that little fob! A big plus.

I'll be shopping with the masses at Farm Chicks on Saturday, see you there!

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Oh, I'd love to join you at Farm Chicks!


  2. What am I doing this weekend? Well going to a party of course!!

    I would rather be going to the Farm Chicks Show. I mean come on shopping or party hmmmm....
    My mom & I had talked about going but she is still recovering from knee surgery. There's always next year I guess. Have a great time!

  3. You will love it!!! I will be there on Sunday!!

  4. i will be at Farm Chicks too!! Of course it is only 8 minutes from my house. It would be wrong not to be there right?

  5. I'd love to join you too. Why am I not going? Something is wrong with this picture.

    Are you wearing a ribbon in your hair so bloggers can find you?

    I want lots of pictures and presents. Thank you, Your Sister.

  6. Thanks for sharing the bag....so cute! I'd love one for myself!

  7. Well, of course, I'll have my Dick & Jane tote, so I'm sure everyone that cares will know I'm there ;-). I think Jenny has one too.

  8. I'm having a garage sale, assuming I can get through all the junk in my basement and organize it into some semblance of order so someone else wants to buy it!!! Have fun :)

  9. Weird that this post did not show up in my list of new posts....hmmmm. Are you seriously gonna be at Farm Chicks? I so wanna go, planned on going...sposed to take my son to take his SAT. Is Des going to be there with you???