Thursday, June 18, 2009


Shopping Hopping we call it here in the West.
I have no idea what you call it in the North, South or East.
But I'll be doing it all day Friday in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Hopping from quilt store to quilt store leaving behind my hard earned money, in the fine company of friends.

Good friends.

Friends who love you even when you drag them through IKEA for the fabric.

May I live long and prosper.

Just saw Star Trek.

p.s. We'll miss you KareBear.

She broke her foot so she didn't have to go to IKEA with me.

Who will do this?


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun to me and I always check out the fabric at Ikea!!

  2. I wish I was hopping with you gals. Have fun!!
    Congratulations Liz and enjoy that Figgy Pudding :D

  3. Have fun!!!

    Did Karebear really need to break her foot? Surely she could have pretended to have a fever?....

  4. Have fun frolicking in fabric. Here we call it a shop hop. No matter which way you say it, a lot of money gets spent.

  5. Have fun hopping!

    I also wanted you to know that I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award. Go to my blog for more details:

  6. Looks fun! Did you like Star Trek? I did and D didn't.

  7. I did 2 days of shop hopping 2 weeks ago. My first quilt shop tour! so fun!

  8. Have a blast...can't wait to hear about it. No hopping going on here, just moping. Hope you found my want list items. party on!

  9. I attended the quilt shop hop in SLC also! It was great, didn't you think? Was Corrie with you? If not, I should have taken her with ME!

  10. here in the east we call it hopping too! i hope you had lots of fun!

  11. I hope you had fun shop hopping. Did you visit the Corn Wagon in Springville while you were out and about? I work at this fun quilt shop. We were the toy shop and I heard through the grapevine we were the funnest and our neighborhood quilt was the best looking quilt. I hope I was there when you were, I worked almost everyday of the shop hop. I didn't see this post until after the busy weekend. I wish I had so I could of looked for you.

  12. Fun stuff. My shop hop ended up a shop hop flop. How's that for rhyme!