Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We Won't Go Until We Get Some

Oh, Bring us some figgy pudding.... I should get my Christmas cds out, maybe even the tree. We've got a lot of Christmas ambiance right now; just making more room for the holiday fabrics.

Figgy Pudding by basicgrey from Moda Fabrics
Peppermints, presents and poinsettias

The new dessert roll from Moda.
Ten 5" by 44" strips of the tonals & neutrals from the line.

The dessert roll works well with the figgy pudding pre-cut charms, layer cakes, honey buns, jelly rolls, turnovers (I'm getting hungry) and much more.

I'm pretty sure the only figgy pudding (recipe)
that I'll be making is a quilt.
We will be kitting this quilt; just waiting for one of the fabrics.
If you're interested in a kit, email me & we'll get it going.


  1. Loved this in Scrapbook paper and love it even more in fabric...LOOK AT THOSE BOLTS!! I love that red damask.

  2. Love the fabric and the quilt....

  3. I love those!!
    I got my Trick or Treat Street package yesterday. Had just got it opened and spread out on the bed to admire and a storm came up. Blink-blink, the power went off around 7:30pm and didn't come back on till 1:20 or so AM! So I have my fabric with me at work and am tempted to spread it out on my desk and admire it all day!! But....guess the boss might not like that. Oh well, there is always tonight!
    Thanks so much for the Treat! Ya'll are so generous!

  4. I love the new fabric--thanks for sharing. I definitely am not ready for the Christmas decorations yet--I'll hold out on that! I am ready for SUMMER!!!!

  5. It really is lovely, finally a Christmas line that I truly love, all of it. My daughter has been talking about Figgy Pudding for a few weeks! now I know what she's loving too!

  6. Just saw this line in my quilt shop today. it is fabulous.

  7. The kit will be available next week.

  8. Now this is Figgy Pudding I would love!! Yummy!!

  9. I love all the cute Christmas fabrics! Can I justify buying Christmas fabric in June though? Of course I can, I'm really good at convincing myself I need things like Christmas fabric in June.