Wednesday, July 29, 2009

That's All Folks

After this...I'll be done with my 4-H tales.

This is dedicated to CJ -- she keeps asking & a big Happy Birthday to her (& me) today!

The kids did great, they got blue ribbons on most everything, plus some larger awards for certain projects. Especially Shadowman, he really cleaned up, but his lego creation didn't do so well -- he's already drafting plans for next year.

Went to the Style Revue; Lizzie did great. She didn't place. I didn't understand the judging. I think all of the girls could use some feedback. (Maybe if she would have opened her eyes that would have helped, just kidding. She'll kill me for putting this in here, but it's all I have.)

It was 107 degrees. I was busy keeping track of Harry (3) and my dad. Tried to keep Dad from "whispering" his colorful comments too loudy. He always has interesting insights into events such as this. Insights I'd prefer no one else hears.

Here is the winner in the senior division. Her dress was amazing. There was even a train on the back. Very pretty. Not a great picture, sorry.

Yes, it was worth it. It's a learning experience -- the kids work so hard, and then they go to fair & see that everyone else worked really hard too. I like that.


  1. that white dress is gorgeous. but Lizzie's is a perfectly pretty wearable dress. so she wins. good job Shadowman. and thanks Corrie!

  2. I like Lizzie's dress - it is pretty and wearable. The white dress is a costume, lacking any real life application. But it was probably difficult and a lot of work to make. And certainly fun to see. Makes you wonder about the criteria for the awards, like there should be two divisions.

  3. I still liked Lizzie's dress...too cute.

  4. Happy Birthday....your daughter is lovely.... You are right, feed back would have been nice.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY awesome lady. I really like your daughter's dress by the way and I I would have given it a blue ribbon. I love sewing, but I have yet to make myself something that fits really well.

  6. Happy Birthday Corrie! What fun do you have planned? We went to the America concert at the fair. I wish I could have made it over to the exhibit building!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing the fun fair pictures. Hope the kids feel that it was really worth it, too! Have a wonderful (and hopefully restful) rest of the week.

  8. Awwww, thanks Corrie!! I just love seeing these pictures. It is so cool that your kids made all these projects and entered them. So cool to get caught up in that and YOU have done a fabulous job teaching them and helping them along the way. I know very fre 4H-ers who do anything with some parental input. I'm so glad the kids were rewarded for their work. So Shadowman has some Lego ideas to work towards next year's big prize. :D I am LOL at the comments about your dad.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes and the same to you!
    We were without internet for a couple days just got it back this evening.