Friday, July 17, 2009

The Wind Beneath My Wings

I broke down.
Have no idea what it really is.
Wanted to play in the Doll Quilt Swap.
think I'm signed up, but who knows.
It might just be me and my monkeys thinking we're in a swap.

I'm supposed to tell my secret admirer swapper person my likes and dislikes.
My inspirations.
My muse.
My influences.
I'm influenced by
Abba and Haagen Daas.
Pretty much in that order.


  1. you'll love's so much fun!

  2. Flickr, nice - I'm easy to impress. I want a poster of your inspirations - great colors. Can't wait to see an Abba inspired masterpiece, did you scare your swapper friend?

  3. i am super excited that you are joining this kind of swap because you are going to be super good at it.

  4. Ah...yes...haagen Daz...I totally understand you :)

  5. Yeah, I just joined the swap too, but my flickr account is less than impressive yet. Gotta get on that.

  6. I have a 'flickr' but really don't know how to use it.. like it should be used. Why must things be so confusing? Or maybe it's me. Ya, it has to be me.

  7. you crack me up. i caved a while ago and joined... its like having a 2nd blog sometimes!

  8. I too have joined the doll quilt swap on flickr for the first time. I hear it's loads of fun!

  9. Feedsack FantasyJuly 18, 2009 at 4:14 PM

    Love you mosaic. TTFN ~Marydon

  10. Simply Way Awesome Cool!!! ;o) Welcome. You'll have fun! And guess what?! I joined the DQS 7 too! Wahooo! ooxx`jod

  11. Wasn't flicker the bunny in Disney's Bambie oh I think that was thumper not even close, or was he the dolphin in that dolphin show that I never got to see as a kid because we didn't have cable. Well congrats you are a better "flickr" than I

  12. Thanks for the comment on homeschooling. Did you do that with either of your kids? I'm really interested in at least supplementing Paige's education, and I hate the thought of teaching Math when I am so bad at it. That is what has me torn..

  13. Hi Des, I'm your swap mama. I need your mailing address and some other information! I sent you an email on Monday!