Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chew On This

I don't want you to get TMJ or anything....but you will definitely want to be chewing on this line for a long time. It's called Bubblegum Basics for a reason.
You'll BASICally want to use it in everything you do!!

We've got it just in time for you to replenish your stash with it!!
You know you've seen it, you've bought it,

and now you need some more!
And if you haven't seen it, well aren't you glad you read Taffy Talk??!!

We have popular Charm Square Packs
(listed on etsy too!), Half yard and Fat Quarter Bundles.
Free patterns on our side bar to whip up something quick
or try a new pattern......this one is a cutie: Sugar Plum

Keep Summer alive with these vibrant, fresh and happy prints.
I need to go now.
The dentist is calling.


  1. I love bubblegum basics! I saw it all over Utah and bought more in Rexburg over the weekend. Hey, do you think the Virginia in Shelley will be playing Julie and Julia???:) Oh and I bet I saw you coming out of Stop and Shop this weekend? Do they carry fabric there?:) jk

  2. I LOVE this line although I don't own any. Must use what I have, must use what I have, must use....
    I think dh put a subliminal tape somewhere in my sewing room with that message. I can't find it though. :S

    I hope the dentist is calling to confirm that appointment for your children!

  3. WOW this is fantastic! I love the bright colors. The baby quilt would look wonderful with these colors and prints.
    I hope you don't have to visit the dentist too much, I personally cringe. I'm undecided who is worse the doctor or the dentist.

  4. I am hopping on over and ordering. I love that fabric.

  5. I definitely need--well, would love some of that fabric. They are awesome colors!

  6. I don't envy you need to go to the dentist, I just love the fabrics and their colours!

  7. I have had my eye on this line for MONTHS!! YEAH!

  8. Ooh, verrry cute! Love that sugar plum pattern. Any idea what material is pictured on the pattern?

  9. Now this is a sweet treat.

  10. Oh Goodness, I need something to chew on...desperate for chocolate, tongue hanging out!!! Your site is a great distraction!!