Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Doll Quilt Swap 7 ~in the garden

Where does one begin when one has taken 47
different pictures of one's doll quilt?

I guess, first with the binding.
Holy Binding Question, Batman!
No idea you would have such passionate opinions on
, red, and black.

If you'd only get that excited about my cooking
I might be able to become the next Julia Child!!!
See?, how you're holding me back???!!!

Well, I was already sold on the orange.

I'm glad so many of you agreed.
Second, was a toss up between the red dot and black.
And I must say.....the red dot totally rocks!

Word to the wise, however.....dots on the bias
are not for the anal types out there.
Good thing that doesn't apply to me!

My swap partner shall get the red dot and I shall keep the Orange for myself, because Orange is the color of the moment at my house.

I took my idea from this large full size quilt by Threaded Pear.
I've always wanted to make it.
Well, now I've made TWO. :)

For the backs of the quilts I decided to just use leftover strips and whatever was hanging around my sewing area.

I did a striped backing for my partner and for mine I threw in some leftover love from my orange quilt.

I didn't put the obligatory quilt label on the back because I thought if she gets tired of one side, she can flip it to the other!

I know....two for one!
What a deal!

And now you know it's going to a "She".
AND it's going "Down Under".
That's all I'm saying.

And on that riveting note
I shall walk away from this post
and leave you with 62 more pictures
that I just can't seem to delete.

It's nice to have good help in the garden!

Thank you Doll Quilt Swap 7!
THAT was a blast!!


  1. fab-u-lous! LOVE them. and the pictures are fantastic

  2. Lovely fabrics, you were always going to use the orange werent you.... They both look stunning.

  3. Those are so cute! How cool that you would make two, one for you and one for SHE. I have that pattern but have yet to make it. I like that they are reversible. Great work!

  4. Love the quilts and I'm with you on the orange!! Your garden is great too. I'm jealous.

  5. Awesome job! Your talents never cease to amaze me!

  6. What great photos Des! Yep, orange was the way to go. :-)

  7. The red binding is awesome, but I love them both! The backs are so cute I'd be flipping it back and forth several times a day... at least.

  8. Those quilts are simply adorable!

  9. Those turned out beautiful! Very talented are you!

  10. They both turned out fantstic!

  11. O.K. I'm totally bummed to hear taht quilt is not making it's way to my house. Oh wait! I know. You're not really keeping the orange one are you. Yeah I get it. You're sending it to me! Lucky girl I am. ! LOL It's a fantastic quilt Des!

  12. I love them! My favorites are the back of yours and the front of your partner's. :-) Both bindings look great - it's fun to see both options. And man, what a nice garden!

  13. Love it Des, thanks for taking "my" advice! The front and back are the best, so refreshing. Good Job!

  14. Cute Doll Quilt - great idea to keep the orange binding one for yourself!

  15. I love them both! How darling!! The orange and the red are both fun. Your partner will be thrilled.

  16. The red dot looks scalloped...looks like you planned it that way. Adorable. She'll love it!

  17. Thanks for the reveal! Hey, I have that Threaded Pear pattern, and I love it. Nice inspiration and interpretation.

  18. Beautifully done, your partner will love it!

  19. I love the orange...and I love your pictures! It looks like the quilts are frolicking through your yard!

  20. love the quilts, love the pumpkins, when is your harvest sale?

  21. ok hit the wrong button, love the quilts, love the pumpkins, when is your harvest sale, and can I come swing on your tire swing?

  22. This turned out soooooo sweet!!! :0) Just lovely....