Friday, September 11, 2009

Sweet 14

Happy Birthday Lizzie!
It's a cup'cake'.
"You're 14! Get out of his car!"
Playing 'football basketball'. They are shooting baskets from the car with a football. Quite entertaining.

Actually, I wish I fit, I would absolutely be driving it around.

In Idaho, kids can get their driving permits at 14 1/2. Ugh.

This is the only car she'll be driving for awhile.


  1. Happy Bday! Next thing you know she will be driving a real car!

  2. Happy Birthday! Awww let her get her permit. My son had his permit early and his license before he turned 16 AND he bought himself a truck! Fun stuff for them and pretty safe on the roads on Idaho compared to southern CA where WE grew up. :D

  3. Happy Birthday sweet cousin! Hope you had a lovely day!

  4. Happy Birthday!!

    14 1/2? Who picked that number...that is a bit weird.