Friday, November 6, 2009

"The LoooOVve gifts.....something for everyone...."

Sing it with me....
(Tune from Love Boat
Oh dear, I've just spent an hour singing old TV Tunes.
It's catchy.
When's the last time you couldn't get the theme song
from "The Facts of Life" out of your head??

So I'm here to talk about Love Gifts,
Gifts of Love,
Love Gifts to Give,
Gifts Worth Loving,
Loving what you Gift,
Gifting what you Love.

This just might be a new theme song.
I'm not sure.

At our annual quilt retreat, we each gave a gift that we loved.
There were no rules, no guidelines, just give what you love and everyone will love you. It's like a reciprocal agreement.
I have no idea what that really means.

Shelto had been scouring the thrift stores for Pyrex now for many moons.
(No, she's not an Indian. She wishes she was, though.)
We each got our own "Keep yo' Mama in the Kitchen" pyrex dish.
I want to stay in the kitchen surrounded by these bowls.
We're missing 2 bowls. I don't know how they got into my suitcase.

I received a darling little aqua casserole

dish that I will be putting some yummy,
home cookin', Thanksgivin' fare into.
Yes, I will.
Watch me.

Hmm....just read through this. I bet from the title you were thinking YOU were getting a gift because we love you so...??!!!
THAT's what Thursday's are for!!


  1. FINALLY a retreat picture! Awesome Pyrex bowls and casseroles. That aqua would look great with orange sweet potatoes or RED cranberry sauce. :D

  2. lol. Love those pyrex dishes. Want them all soooo bad!!!!

  3. Oh the memories that brought back. My mother has that aqua pyrex casserole dish. She has had it for many moons. (I am part Cherokee!) She got that when I was but a little bit of a lad (Irish too)
    It still looks lovely when it graces the table.

  4. Too cute! I have been coveting some of that aqua pyrex and some pink that I saw, I thought the pink aqua combo would be so sweet. And shopping for it is fun too!

  5. I love the idea of giving something that you love to all of your friends at the retreat! Great idea!

  6. I love all those Pyrex bowls! I have a small round one that looks a lot like that white one with the red and orange and yellow little chicks on it. I have to tell you the funny story about it. My mom and I bought it at a yard sale about 19 years ago. Lid and all. Well, it didn't take long for the lid to get broken. Not too long after that we moved back to my home town and I was at a yard sale our church was having and there was the exact lid that went on it on a table for 15 cents! I snatched it up! I was so excited to have it. It has always been one of my favorite bowls. Well, now my father lives with us and he always puts away the dishes in the dish drainer. So one day I realize that the bowl is in the cabinet but there is no lid on it. I asked my daddy if he knew where the lid was and he said "I think it got broke and I put it in the trash". He knew he had broken it and was scared to tell me! Hahaha! Oh well, the lid lasted me for 19 years so that wasn't bad. My daughter said maybe we would find another one at another yard sale. I am on the look out!

  7. Love pyrex dishes!!! Turquoise dishes are the best.

  8. Those dishes are fantastic. If I had more room in my cabinets I would buy more myself when I go antiquing. Great idea.

  9. Oh, I too love those pyrex bowls. They are so pretty and 50's....

  10. very pretty and a lovely gift. makes me want to bake up some tuna noodle casserole.

  11. Cute! I have always loved those Py*rex dishes. I got several for wedding gifts.

  12. color me geek, but I LOOOOOVE those casseroles!

  13. I love my bowl, I do, I do. Mine is one of the big aqua ones.

  14. I love those pyrex dishes. The vintage ones are so dang cool! My mom has all of the orange and yellow nesting bowls and I never really cared for them growing I am glad she still has them.

  15. I love the pyrex dishes.....they are awesome and bring back so many memories.

  16. Those dishes totally remind me of Christmases at my Grandma's house!!! The blue especially, she had a blue bowl just like that, and she always put the mashed potatoes in it!! Funny how things like that stick with you.

  17. Finally a picture of me on your post and I don't look to bad, just a little tired guess that is expected when you are having so much fun, now I have to find a match for every bowl I gave away love the pyrex

  18. Love the pyrex! it reminds me of cooking with my grandma when i was a little girl!

  19. I collect pyrex dishes too! You're WAY ahead of me though. I only have 3 smaller ones. Someday! Thanksgiving dinner served in all those will be fantastic! What fun!