Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ode to Betsy

Whoops, I forgot Betsy's spider web...I know you needed more inspiration.

She did a brown w/ purple dot center and then used scrappy purple, varying widths for the contrasting bands.
That clever girl.
(And she thought we forgot this because it was 'ugly'.
I don't know where she gets these ideas.)

Last year to the retreat, she brought a magazine,

I begged her to bring it again, so I could see this again. Sweet.

She made Sweet Potato Biscuits for us for breakfast,

along with spiced blueberries and egg stratas.

Here's the recipe.

Oooohhhh, they were good.
Go make 3 dozen and send 2 to me.
Thanks Bets!!


  1. heck, how much good stuff can you cram into a post - and all courtesy of the same woman?
    Tell Betsy she rocks.

  2. love the purple striping on Betsy's quilt.

  3. Oh those sweet potato biscuits were the BEST!! I must go buy sweet potatoes today and make up a batch for my family...okay, mostly for ME.

  4. Love the spider web quilt, and the biscuits look great. Thanks for your comment over on my blog...think it was 3 weeks ago. I am behind again. Love your blog.

  5. I really like the brown and purple string quilt. Who would have thought those colors would look so great together?

  6. Aw Corrie, thanks! I'm so linking this post to my Facebook page :)

  7. yummmmm

    Having a Ginger Jar quilt giveaway on my blog...come over, you are always so kind to everyone else....time you received!

  8. those biscuits look delicious! thanks for the recipe!

  9. Thanks for the biscuit recipe. I can't wait to make it. Loved seeing the beautiful quilts!

  10. Ohh, when I saw the photo of those biscuits, I was hoping for the recipe!! Thanks!

  11. Betsy, Love everything you do! and she also provided the instructions for our spiderweb block and they were unbelieveable everything I would expect from an engineer nothing less than perfect. Thanks again love ya

  12. I like the spider web blocks.
    And those biscuits sound yummy.