Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Spidey Exchange

I know our retreat posts are few and far between......what's up with that?
But I'm here to say SOMETHIN' today.
Each year we try to do an exchange of some kind.
We chose the Spider Web block to stretch our limits.
Supa' Fun!!
(I don't know why I'm talking like a rapper)
( spelling like a rapper)
(I don't even know any rappers)
(I know Wrappers, like Heath and Snickers)

Each gal picked her own center fabric and a contrasting band and then we gave each other a fat quarter and a couple of strips of the contrasting band. The rest of the 'recipe' was scrappy dappy do.
(Now, I think I'm Scooby Doo)

We used tutorials from Quiltville and Quilt It.
Bets upsized the pattern for us.
They are a finished 16 1/4".

Drae went dizzy!!
I love how it spins. Karebear and Leela went with dots in the middle.
Stitch and Shelto went with solid centers, pumpkin and linen. Leela and Stitch are over achievers so they of course, put theirs together AND added two more quilts. Stitch had this red/white beauty all done. Leela and D-rae decided to go halloween half way through the retreat
And the piece de resistance, because it's my post, is MINE. Look at the red.
I know.
It's going to be gorgeous.
I only have 157 more to make. :)
I want it to be HUGE.
I want to look at every web and think happy thoughts over each piece of fabric.
Feel free to *sigh* with me.


  1. They all look great, what fun and you girls did an awesome job!
    Julia ♥

  2. Is that Anna Griffin, Darcey in your quilt block? the red? gorgeous!!!

  3. they are all absolutely gorgeous! and that red in your quilt, stunning!

  4. Sigh is right! Those blocks look too tough for me. I like easy. Quit holding out on retreat pics and stories!

  5. oh wow, those are beautiful! I especially love the red and white one! I think I may need to try something like this!

  6. OK ladies, who wrote this post, Corrie or Des, don't be playin' tricks on us now...I love spider web blocks! I have about 15 of them on my 'design' wall right now. Yours are all fantastic. Corrie~are you coming to the craft fair at the barn this weekend?

  7. I really like this pattern and all the different color ways you showed us--everyones is soooo neat--great work---maybe after the holidays i will??????????
    Hugs, Di

  8. Awe. It's my long lost blogging friend. So good to see you here. And those quilts are to DIE FOR. ;o)

  9. SIGH!!!!! I love the pattern and all the blocks are awesome.

  10. Those are AWESOME! I love the red one, the contrast between those reds and white make the colors pop!! And after checking out the tutorials, I would never have guessed that these are square blocks sewn together!! I delicious'd it, might try it one day!

  11. I am so glad that you posted the pictures of the quilts. The more I look at the quilts, the more I fall in love with them. This was by far the best exchange we have had so far. Just really grateful to be a part of it. lol

  12. Sigh! They are beautiful, especially yours. :) I love the halloween ones too - I'm inspired!

    PS. I'm so glad to hear the "Des" voice again - I miss her funny posts!

  13. How fun! They all look great but I think I love your red background the best.

    Jennifer :)

  14. I can't even pick a favorite. I love them all. Supa fine! Fo sure.
    I feel somewhat of a rapper mother. My 19 year old thinks she's a white mormon rapper from Alpine Utah. She raps about church stuff. No lie. Some of it is hilarious but she takes it fairly seriously. The down side (there are many) is that she talks like that sometimes and dresses like a rapper everyday. She's the kind of girl that doesn't want to grow up. But she's a good kid so I try to smile and act like I love it all.

  15. OH, those are great. I have one coming along too.

  16. they are all gorgeous. what a fun project to do together. i'm still collecting my green scraps to make one.

  17. Really wonderful blocks. No matter how you put them together you just can't go wrong!

  18. WOW!! I am loving all the different looks that you get using the different background colors. It makes me want to start one, but what main color, mabe one that has been sitting for a long time in my stash.......hummmmmm

  19. Gorgeous! My grandmother made me a Spider quilt for my high school graduation 28 years ago. What a new twist to that pattern. Mine was done with solid black. Love all the colors. Maybe it's time I try that pattern myself!

  20. Thank you for sharing pictures of all the pretty spiderwebs! It looks like you all had a lot of fun.
    I have been thinking about a halloween spiderweb quilt, lately, so it was great seeing this colorway being used, too.

    I am so glad you enjoyed my tutorial

    ; )


  21. I envy it all... great work ladies... Wendi