Friday, January 8, 2010

Closing off the Zippered Pouch

I've had a couple inquiries into how to close off the zippered bag.
I only left about 1/2" on each of the binding ends.
I pretty much just tucked, folded and trimmed,
if needed, until it gave me a nice smooth fold on top.

It can be tedious the first time.
I get my needle and thread ready,
(matching the thread color to the binding helps!)

knot in the end and the minute

it's all tucked in, I hide my knot
in the middle somewhere and start
to close it up with an invisible stitch.

The principle of the invisible stitch is shown here.

If you find a different way that works for you,
please drop a note about it in the comment section!

I hope this helps some.
Persevere and you will feel like a supa star!


  1. You da BEST! Thanks. I just love your close-up shots. So nice and clear. My photos lately have been well...BAD! Guess that is the price I pay for loving winter and less natural light.

  2. Thanks that makes LOTS of sense and the link to the invisible stitch was helpful too.

  3. I'm sorry there aren't more pictures showing the actual folding and such. But I didn't know I'd be showing the process. It's not a thorough example but I hope that the close ups will give you something to shoot for.

  4. I cut out all of the fabric for the 4 bags I am making for my girls weekend later this month...even my hubs thought the bags were neato!

  5. I love those pouches. Totally going to bust one out now that my sewing machine has taken over my living room.
    About the books, I don't think you are a fool :). Sometimes you have to forget about the movies, or silly reviews you've read, and just read. Also, I reread The Horse and His Boy and realized how dark it is. Sort of different than when I was 13. Maybe you'd like The Silver Chair better?
    Thanks for your comment!

  6. I have to get to a store soon so I can make the pouches!! I love them. Thanks for the info on the invisible stich. I learned something new today!

  7. Thank you for your great tutorial.
    Can you tell me what to look for when shopping for the clear vinyl?
    Thank you.
    Beverly in WA

  8. Leave it to you to find some fantastic idea for us all to enjoy. You never cease to amaze me. Where did you get your vinyl? I have been looking to a small bag that I can fill with chapstick,pens and gum etc. This could't have come at a better time. Thx

  9. I find my vinyl at Walmart. I would call it a medium weight. It doesn't bend on it's own very easily. It's the same plastic/vinyl that you would use to cover a table to protect??

    Hope that helps a little.

  10. I found the vinyl at Hancock's (of Boise) -- it's a .08 or .008 weight (that's the what the clerk said) or Joann's was out of 12 gauge, but I'm thinking that would have been the right one, because the one above & below weren't quite right. Can't wait to make one!

  11. Hello,
    I did a little looking around on the internet and found some 12 guage vinyl at a store called "" for $3 a yard.
    Beverly in WA