Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Seasonally Challenged

I was raised on Campbell's Tomato Soup.
Who knew you could actually make your own tomato soup?
Not me.
But I do now!

I know.... it's not even tomato season.
I went and bought 3 pounds of tomatoes
today because my mouth was watering for
Homemade Roasted Tomato Soup.
Rainy Weather helps the mood.

I can't even imagine how much better this will be with homegrown tomatoes.
Are you with me?

Are you dreaming of rows of tomato plants?
And look at that big puppy of a garlic clove!

Can we just have a moment of silence for these colors?
Red, Red, Red
and then BAM!

I'm a dunker of grilled cheese in my tomato soup.
Are you?


  1. I am sorry, me no likie tomato soup...but the grilled chees looks awesome.

  2. I also grew up on canned tomato soup and grilled cheese - and look forward to making our own tomato soup when we have our own tomatoes - it is a favorite.
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  3. OMG, look at these bright colors!
    They make me hungry.. and I´m on diet now.. =(((

  4. You are one funny lady...and I too love tomato soup...and yes when combined with garlic and onions that have been carmalized...ORAnge LOL...i AM WITH YOU...yes I am ...blessings ms

  5. 1/2 can water. 1/2 can milk. makes dark orange. but homemade soup is the best.

  6. Yummy... I think I need some for lunch!

  7. LOL I had potato vegtables soup with a lovely grill cheese last night for dinner...dunking included.
    I can't stand tomatos in any form...they make me nauseaus but they do look pretty!

  8. this is TOTALLY diet approved!! I'm telling you!
    tomatoes, onions, garlic. you 'lightly' drizzle olive oil (good oil) before roasting.

    that's it! I think you could drink it three times a day and LOSE weight!

  9. Why, yes. Yes I am. That looks so yummy!

  10. I love tomato soup. Add a little basil and pepper and it's ready to go. And yes...I am a dunker. A favorite combo is grilled cheese and tomato soup :)

  11. OMG that looks so good... and I never thought of making tomatoe soup either! And yes- absolutely, ya gotta have it with grilled cheese sandwich!

  12. I must admit, I struggle with cheese toasties (if you please...I guess it's a Hoosiers thing) my grandma and I used to have lunch every Wednesday and she would have my cheese toastie made for me when i got there...government cheese chunk just barely sweaty cause she cut it too thick and didn't grill it long enough.

    I have another great recipe for tomato soup using canned tomatos, cottage cheese and chicken broth...good stuff...

  13. Grilled cheese and tomato soup has been my daughter's Thanksgiving meal since she was little. Crazy, I know, but she was/is such a picky eater that she would not touch anything traditional at that meal for years (except the pumpkin pie of course!)

  14. Yum! I *love* grilled cheese with tomato soup. And yes, I'm definitely a dunker too!

  15. looks yummy and you are making me hungry. Nothing better than grilled cheese with tomato soup.

  16. I've never been into tomato soup. Maybe its better if u make your self.

  17. my favorite soup ever - tomato soup! love campbells' but nothing like homemade...I've got to try it! thanks!

  18. i love grilled cheese and tomato soup! excuse me while i find my cloth to wipe the drool off my screen. Yummy!

  19. That's awesome, I love the canned tomato soup but it has high fructose corn syrup in it, so I'm boycotting Campbells... what a great idea to make my own!

    (the Word Verification is: "berpe" !)

  20. I got the plants in and will let you know this summer. I love tomato soup and grilled cheese.

  21. Oh, myLANTA! I finally got to make this on Tuesday. It's almost gone. This was WONderful!!! Thank you for posting!