Sunday, June 13, 2010

No Quilt Shop is an Island

Hop Shopping with my posse is always a treat.

We made up our own little shop hop this time.
Mostly it was created around Maddox.

I was craving their rolls with raspberry butter.

We hit 3 fun quilt shops:
Sages Creek
Village Dry Goods

I came home and realized that
I was in a very blue mood.
I bought a lot of blue fabric.

In fact, I just painted my bathroom blue.
AND I'm working on some blue chairs.
Hmmm.....I smell a theme.

As I was taking the pictures
I decided to play a game.

Join me.
If you were stranded on a deserted island
and could only have THREE fabrics

Not 4, not 5.
Not Mr. Darcy.
Believe me, I wanted to cheat on my own game.
But I didn't.
I was strong.

What 3 would you take?

These are my picks from my shopping trip.
It was a VERY hard choice.
I really wanted the spoons and forks

but I was afraid that would make me hungry
on my deserted island.
And then I would start dreaming about
Maddox chicken.
And rolls.
And butter......

I've never actually licked fabric before.
But I would on a deserted island.


  1. Love this post. It cracked me up. The fabric is beautiful and I have been eying that silverware fabric too. Super cute.

  2. Wonderful selection of fabric there. Yummy!

  3. I would take some silver fabric so I could use it for shelter and also it would reflect the sun hopefully to alert passing airplanes..

    I would also take some red fabric cause that's my fabric color..

    And I would take some Authentic so I would have something to read...

  4. oh my word! the hilarity!
    I would take a smattering of full moon dots from the Amy butler line!

  5. first off, totally jealous of your RLD pearl bracelets...i just frantically searches all over for all the prints of Red Letter Day and got them...but I want more of that one print!! yum-o!

    ok, desert island. Ill give you an answer, but don't hold me to it in 7 days!! fair?

    ok, Alexander Henry, Holland in red (yes still tops)
    Sandi Henerson Henna Garden...i love this print...for this 'vacation' i will choose Citrus yellow.
    and Urban Chiks 1974 diamond print in teal.

    i, of course, will be devasted to leave my Darcey collection at home, but im sure she will understand.

  6. Sages Creek is my local quilt shop, it is such an awesome store! They have the best staff - I love it!

  7. I love your fabric bright and fun.

  8. I love the cotton bolls on turquoise! All great choices you made.

    No Mr Darcy? A deserted island without him is going to need some really great fabrics!

    I don't suppose we can pick from your fabrics? I'd have to take Oceanica (stripe in black) from In the Beginning. And some Heather Ross seahorse print from Mendocino. And Sandi Henderson's Farmers Market big pink flowers on turquoise.

  9. Wow, you picked up some lovely fabrics! Love the cotton bolls - reminds me of Texas (only so much prettier!). And that raspberry butter! Yummmm!

  10. It is so hard to believe it is shop hop time. The weather makes it seem like it is too early. I'm going tomorrow with the famous Lori Holt!

  11. I kind of want to go lick fabric. I'd take some Michael Miller Botanika Wing Study Ivory -the birds can be my friends, some Michael Miller Petals in blue-so I'll feel nice and cool and maybe hypnotize myself into a hibernation state and then some Heather Bailey Nicey Jane Picnic in cream so I can have a garden.