Tuesday, June 1, 2010

State Fair - A Year of Schnibbles

This month's pattern is definitely a blue ribbon winner!

State Fair by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. is the

"A Year of Schnibbles" pattern for June.

"Those spinning points on these blocks remind me of the spinning rides at the fair... this spinning block is a lot more fun to make as there aren't any templates at this particular fair! Just line up the edges as shown in the pattern, piece the block and then trim it square. It's really easy...I promise!" ~ Carrie Nelson

Patterns and kits are available on eBay.

Great way to kick off summer!

And you can enter it in the Fair!


  1. Question please ladies...how big of a quilt is the State Fair quilt? I've never made a quilt yet and I love the look of that quilt. Thank you!

  2. First I love the look in general, old fashion and in good taste...how large is these? they look rather small like a wall hanging? love the friendship material...would love to order one?
    blessings ms

  3. Ooops, should have mentioned -- finished size is 31" x 31".

  4. Hi Corrie, 1st I want to say I got your name and blog from Madame Samm and I'm so glad I've stopped by to have a look around - love it!!
    I had the wonderful chance of meeting Carrie Nelson with Miss Rosie's Quilt Co last month and see her amazing trunk show and goodies, what a delight she is!
    I'll be back!!

  5. I got the pattern and material earlier this week and love each square! This weekend will be a quilting weekend...thank you!!

  6. I love the pattern and fabric I got earlier this week....quilting weekend ahead! Thank you!!