Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Traditional Procrastination

Here's a peek at a project that
I've known has been coming for years.
I didn't wait until the very last minute...
but I'm cutting it close.

It's my in-law's 50th anniversary this August.
This quilt top has been unpicked many times. At first, I just had the pink sashing, but the rows were not lining up as hard as I tried. So we (the girls) unpicked the sashing (I told them I'd put their names on the label if they unpicked it all). I added the white cornerposts and then they weren't exactly the right white, so did a little bit of more unpicking. But it's done. Everything lines up now.
The quilt is at the quilter's!
Check that off the list.
My mother in law is very traditional. I think she'll love it.
I should probably make my father in law his own quilt,
but that wasn't on the list :-).

I don't think any of my in-laws read the blog,

but in case you do know them,



  1. The quilt is beautiful and I won't say a word!!!

  2. Stunning Corrie.
    What a beautiful tribute/gift.

  3. Oooh, so pretty! I love your fabric choices! Simplicity is a fav of mine ☺

  4. Lovely. The colors are beautiful.

  5. Your labels are totally awesome!! I hope MY in-laws don't read this because I didn't do anything this wonderful for their 50th!

  6. Beautiful quilt - those fabrics are exquisite! I am sure all the hard work will be appreciated!

  7. Mmmm mumm's the word lol...it is lovely Corrie...really pretty, I would love to see it completely shown when you can....I love your tone in your writing skills, feels like you are talking right to me...
    blessings ms

  8. so very pretty. nice job Corrie.

  9. such a beautiful gift! I'm sure your FIL will love it too!