Monday, July 19, 2010

Wheelin' & Squealin'

That's the theme of our county fair this year.
Kind of cute.
We won't be decorating our booth with pigs.

The day of reckoning has come. 4-H interviews are today. Last year, the kids each did 5 projects. That was a mistake. The paperwork alone took over a week, I'm not kidding. So this year, I couldn't even think about 4-H until February. Yes, now I'm regretting that they didn't tackle more (Lizzie didn't do sewing :-( ), but I'm sane and they are pleasant to be around. Both girls did a Quilting project.

Here's Lizzie's Dresden Plate, quilted & bound by her! She figured out the corners by looking at another quilt.
The pattern is from Egg Money -- Dresden Plate. Fabric is Rainy Days & Mondays.

Here's Bella's baby blanket.

Sunday Best ~ Schnibbles pattern and with a variety of pretty prints.
She wanted flannel on the back.

Aunt Desi did the quilting on both of them. Thank you!

Bella bound her's too.


He wanted to raise a sheep (so did Lizzie).
I just couldn't tackle that this year. I am not a farm animal person. Maybe next year.

So he did a 4-H cooking project with a friend.
He's a good sport. And a good cook.

They did a comparison on homemade brownies versus Betty Crocker. Compared the taste, texture and cost. I was surprised, I thought the lesson was going to teach that homemade is cheaper, but it wasn't. The homemade were more expensive & didn't taste as good, but they cut nicely.

I tried to be helpful by sampling all of the food projects.

My work is done.


  1. I bet that Brownie Batter was yummy, I wouldn't know... your girls! I'm impressed. My sister's kids raise PIGS! ugh!

  2. I might be wrong--but it looks like they are rolling dough to make a cinnamon twist roll??? I was in 4-H in my youth---and someone demo yeast cinnamon twist rolls---well I wanted to make them for a demonstration at a 4-H function--but did not want to take the timing that would involve using yeast---so I got a light bulb moment and thought I would try biscuit type dough and it worked--and I won alot of blue ribbons from it--so I like to tell people that "I was the first" to invent that recipe!!!!
    I am so glad your kids are in 4-H and that you support their projects--thanks--Hugs, Di

  3. Congratulations on all round on such fabulous 4-H projects! I am loving that sashing on the dresden plate!

  4. Corrie,
    Your kids did amazing projects! I would have gladly come over to do the taste test...please share next time!!! This year was so much better, glad we simplified! Good to visit with you today :)

  5. Hahaha -- you have the best job. I've long thought boxed brownies were the best too, although I finally found a homemade recipe I like. It's definitely not cheaper though. old are these little quilters? Their quilts are fantastic!!!

  6. YOU have a wonderful brew...their quilts and brownies and looks like some kind of roll maker is uplifting...YOU are doing it right sweetie...their creations are as beautiful as their MUMM...blessings ms..

  7. i cannot get over how amazing that machine quilting is on those quilts!!! Good thing talent runs in your family. :)

  8. Awesome family you many talents!!

  9. What a great set up you have going - the girls can quilt and sew to their hearts content and your son can cook! LOVE IT!
    Those quilts are GORGEOUS! I can see blue ribbons in the near future.
    I'm surprised at the brownie comparison on both counts. Go figure.

  10. Boxed brownies all the way! There is only one "homemade" brownie recipe I will use but it takes 1.5 hours to prep! So most times... boxed mixes. I have several in my pantry.

  11. love, love 4H projects and these are spectacular!

    funny though, the older set know a "box" recipe by taste-maybe from growing up on homemade? I always get dinged on this at church potlucks!


    beautiful quilts and hooray for boys with brownies!

  12. Those quilts are just amazing! I'm in awe!

    And those brownies look good too!

  13. Im in love with the new header. Love the projects for the fair.

  14. The quilts are just beautiful. Everything about them looks perfect, from the designs to the fabric choices. Being the head taster is the best job:) I loved the old header, but now I see where the red riding hood and snow white choice came in last week.

  15. What fabulous projects for 4H. It is such a good program for kids.

  16. Those quilts are wonderful!!! They kids did a great job :)

    And I love the brownie experiment! I hope they get a ribbon at the fair for all the difficult work of taste testing! hehehe


  17. Hi, I just found your blog and was reading some posts when I came across this one. We are a 4-H family too (living in town.) Our 13 year old son is in 4 clubs this year, Dairy, Beef, Rabbit and Tractor. I was asked to become one of the leaders of the rabbit club (I don't handle animals by choice either but that's okay.) I love quilting and have decided to try and devote more time to it. I'm off now to see more of your posts. Take care.