Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Paganini -- A Year of Schnibbles

"A Year of Schnibbles" Pattern is

This might be my favorite Schnibbles yet.

Which version will you make?
Scallop or no scallop?
I say, Yes to the scallop.
Sashing or no sashing?

There are directions for all four of these quilts.
Carrie says, "Half-triangle squares and snowball corners, that's all there is to it. And each of these variations involves just a tiny little change. The only difficulty here is deciding which one to make first."

The pattern calls for 2 charm square packs, background fabric and then deciding which version. We have lots of charm squares that would be perfect for this pattern. We're happy to put together a kit....perhaps Wee Woodland, Lumiere de Noel, Awesome, Make Life, Fruitcake, Nicey Jane, Whimsy...

You can purchase the pattern here or on eBay or etsy.
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  1. Oh lawks, that second one with the dark background is just GORGEOUS!!!!

    I'm dying to try quilting but I'm more of a "ooh let's try this and see what happens" kinda girl and quilting's always struck me as something for those who like precision and accuracy! Maybe one day...

    Lovely stuff :)

  2. Do you also have Sweet Spot? I want to order both and can appreciate FREE SHIPPING!!

  3. I just ordered the new Schnibble for the Schnibble of the Year. THANKS so much for all you support over the last year. It makes it all LOTS of fun.

  4. I love your Schnibble kits... and love having your support! Thanks so much- you always make it fun!

  5. Love this quilt pattern. I think it will be my weekend project.

  6. Is there any way to buy all 12 for the year? Instead of having to keep coming back? Or atleast the first 6?

  7. I love the 4th one. Do you have a charm pack in that fabric?