Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pizza Box Block

Done in the knick of time.
I don't usually procrastinate,
but had a bit much going on this month.
Didn't get around to making my Pizza Exchange Block til now.

This log cabin is Susan's. We had to make something that would coordinate.
Here are a few of the other blocks.

Hmmm....which one do you think I made?
Well, you know it's not e.

Photos are dark...ugh.
It's late.
It'll do.


  1. Hello Corrie..great blocks..not too dark at all...they are not outside shots..but they are good lol very autumnish..(is there such a word) lol..blessings msamm

  2. love the way you've made all these work!


  3. Great looking blocks! Which one did you make? b? Have a happy day!

  4. I KNOW which one you made! Did I just win a prize??? oh wait it's not Thursday!

  5. Love those colors...I'm guessing you made A. Because you have so many gorgeous fabrics to choose from!

  6. They're all so beautiful! I must admit though, I'm a bit partial to that dresden plate!

  7. I made C. Easy peasy. A gal in the group is doing dresdens for everybody. pretty cool.