Friday, September 24, 2010

Quiltmania No. 79

Now that is a pieced quilt.
Rich brown with all of those little triangles.
oooh, let's start on that tomorrow.
The pattern is included in the new issue of Quiltmania.
Another oooh, the blocks are offset/wonky. Interesting.
Yoko Saito's Hourglasses
(so glad they're not called butterflies)

I like this one too. Wow.
Paducah Stars
(pattern included)
Patterns included for these too.
The latest issue is here.
We have the English Edition, (even through the pictures show the French issue.)
It features Mark Dunn, quilts exhibited at the Festival du Lin et de l'Aiguille; Open European Quilt Championships; Australasian Quilt Convention & Quilts at the V&A Museum. A historical article on Privy Bags; Quilts & Enchanging Homes & much much more.

So much to look at & drool over.
I'll be reading it this weekend!

Available on eBay or etsy.
Have a good weekend!


  1. Found you! (Not that you were hiding or anything, but it's not easy to find someone on blogger. I'm new around here--my excuse and I'm sticking to it leik woah! *g*)

    So happy to receive my patterns from you earlier, and also wanted to say I *love* the cover pattern. Quiltmania is my indulgence!
    TTFN, Hazle

  2. HEY, that's exactly why I love that quilt cover, because they ARE butterflies!!!! In my colors.....oh can you imagine. And i love the wonkiness!!