Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Ballerina for Christmas

It's a first.
First doll, I've made.
A friend, Deanne, was making a ballerina from Stitched in Time.
Uh hello! I want to make one too.
(and so did Nicol, but she cut out 8 of them...8!
Hey Nicol, how's it going?)
I made one for Des for Christmas.
Note: Didn't know we were showing presents on the blog before the big day (or I could have shown you this!) I was not expecting Des to give me a hexagon caddy.
Thank you! It's much appreciated!
I loved every step of making the doll until I got to the hair. I was really whining at Deanne. My yarn choice was thick & it took a lot of yanking & a latex glove to pull that hair through. There's some stuffing or is it grey hair peeking out?
Wanted her to look like the cover girl --
found a vintage pillowcase on eBay & it was almost identical!
I did the arms & legs a little different. I inserted them into the seams & seamed the bottom of the hands & feet. Seems a little more durable.
Well...I had to have one too.
More sewing & tugging.
But worth it!
Now the girls want one...
and Harry (my 4 year old). ?


  1. Okay Corrie, she is just too stinking cute!!!! I love it!! I might have to look into getting this book. My girlies would love these, great job and I'm sure Des loves it!


  2. Darn right adorable..x 2...lol..there are easier ways to do the hair...I'm just saying lol. And easier needles too...love their hair though...no really I do...we are still little girls aren't we?

  3. Your doll is sooo cute, so are there more in the makings?

  4. Just the sweetest photos ever! What an awesome sis you are!

  5. wow. your dollies are so adorable.

  6. I love this book, I made one of these dolls last year, she was a princess and the pea doll, made a bunch of mattresses, I too found the hair to be very tricky....my daughters dolls head looks a little lopsided because of it, good job sister!

  7. Very cute. They look like they would be fun to make - except for the hair.

  8. I LOVE her soooo much. I love the hair, i love the dress, i love her cute little red lips, I love her skinny arms and legs. Well, shoot, she's pretty much a replica of ME!! I. Love. Her. and YOU!
    Thank you!! Such a treat!!!!!

  9. Glad you like it!
    You can find the book on amazon. I got it from our library -- none of my distributors carry it?? I did make one more for a friend's daughter. She looks very similar ;), I guess they are triplets -- a long lost sister.

  10. Wow you're good! Those dolls are sweet! Probably well worth the work now that they are done :) Great job!

  11. So so cute! My mom would have made something like this...I did not get that patient gene.

  12. Nice job Corrie! I see Des wrote you a note that she loves it, and if she didn't you could always send it to me. LOL Oh well, a girls gotta try right?

  13. Oh so cute! I want one! I dislike doing the hair part too. Not nuts about doing my own hair either.

  14. Despite the whining -- those are the cutest darn doll lips ever! She'd even look good bald! But, the hair is a good addition, too. .

  15. Those are ADORABLE Corrie! I love the green polka dots -- it makes her stand out so much more than the original!

  16. corrie...i just checked this book out of the library thinking about this doll. oddly enough though, I can't find the pattern (other than the head) in my book?? does your book have the pattern for the body???