Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Roses

My first attempt

Isn't it pretty?!

Next time,
I will measure & do a little placement marking on the cake,
before I start the roses.
Next time,
I will be brave & try the white icing.

It's made with shortening & cream.
Shortening makes me hesitant, not my favorite.
Then I realized I had the wrong kind of cream,
so that made it easy to go with chocolate. :)
Do you like shortening icing?

and it's quite tasty.
We're off to our
annual Brunch this morning.
French Toast is done.
Game is done.
Valentines are done.
And Harry's Valentine Robot
mailbox is DONE.
Have a wonderful day!
I'll be having this...can't wait...


  1. I'm not a frosting lover of any kind - a little whip cream instead. I love the Valentine Robot - how cute. Enjoy your cake!

  2. I'd love to try your cake, it looks delicious!
    I haven't really baked cakes in a while but all my childhood cakes had buttercream icing - which, in our house, was margarine (not sure if this is exactly the same as shortening, but probably not far off) and icing sugar beaten together, sometimes with a flavour added. Fond memories :)

  3. How did you do that?! That is an awesome cake!

  4. YUM!!! Who would want to eat that beauty??!!

  5. And I thought my chocolate cupcakes were cool!)
    Try butter flavor Crisco, it hides the shortening taste - I think shortening leaves a waxy taste in your mouth.
    7 minute and/or cream cheese are my favorites, but they wouldn't hold up as well!

  6. Beautiful cake!! Love that robot valentine box!

  7. OMGosh!!! I can't stop drooling!!! Three words:

    DE - LI - CIOUS!!!

  8. Happy Valentine's Day! Cake looks amazing! I like better or cream cheese frosting, myself.

  9. Looks awesome and delicious. I use a half butter half shortening recipe (Wiltons's butter cream). I like it.

  10. WOWEEE! The cake looks great! I like buttercream frosting over cream cheese. If you twist my arm I will eat all of that chocolate frosting off of your cake though.

  11. Oh my GOSH!! That cake is beautiful...good job. Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. why don't you live next door to me?????????
    ew, shortening frosting. ick. but it's super duper pretty!

  13. Gosh - that is beautiful! You did a great job and it looks so yummy! Happy Valentine's Day!


  14. You did a great job on that cake! It looks yummy, yet too beautiful to eat!!

  15. I am drooling! That cake looks so good. How do you do the roses? I've never seen anything like it. I also enjoyed the robot. It brings back great memories. My kids are all grown now, but we did some awesome Valentine boxes. One of my favs was the one made of gingerbread cookies like a house at Christmas, but shaped more like a box and decorated with royal frosting and candies.
    Enjoy your cake!

  16. Your frosting looks so much better than that pictured with the recipe. Did you change anything from the recipe?

  17. Wow, that looks amazing! Great job!

  18. Oh my gosh it is beautiful. Absolutely a work of art. Wish I could do that.

  19. Your cake is amazing! I would love to give that cake a go, but it would be a disaster.

    I love frosting (especially buttercream and cream cheese), but don't make anything that uses shortening unless it is to grease and flour a pan.

  20. Corrie ~
    You NEVER cease to amaze me!!! What a beautiful know that now you will have to be adding that to your list of to-do's with me...And as always, your family has the very BEST Valentine's Boxes ~ LOVE our little tradition...Valentine's Day just wouldn't be the same without YOU!

  21. Wow! Your cake looks fantastic Corrie!!!