Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'll Take Mine Raw

Here's Kathi's starting block for
our quilt group's "Pizza Box Exchange"

She challenged us to do raw edge applique = nothing is pieced, it's sewn right on top. Edges will fray.

Here is what she has so far.

I love the variety.

She picked such a nice colorway.

I wish I could say I did one of these blocks. Cute!

I know some are really great,

but you're wondering who did that

awesome petal block

in the corner.


I may casually grab my box & bring it home --

I haven't really seen it for over a year!

I think we're going for 16 blocks ~ 3 more months.


  1. I so love the colors and the blocks.... if you just do the raw edge, does that mean you can not wash it?

  2. Great colors - all the blocks look so lovely together. Exciting.

  3. I assume the raw edge technique involves fusing?????

  4. Beautiful blocks, looks like a lot of fun.

  5. oohh. I like this a LOT! Never heard it called 'pizza box'. My mom's small quilt group had a Round Robin exchange every year. Never knew WHAT she was gonna get back, but was never disappointed either. :-)

  6. I love raw edge applique...really fun! blessings, marlene

  7. I call it the Pizza Box exchange, because we keep the blocks in pizza boxes. Maybe the exchange has a more elegant name, I'll have to ask :). No, no fusible web. I tack my shapes down with a glue stick & sew a 1/4" in around the shapes. You can wash it. The edges fray, you clip the strings. Have you seen the Vintage Baby Quilt? That's raw edge.

  8. I love those colors and the variety of the blocks.