Friday, June 17, 2011

Sometimes You Have to Stop

I'm up to my eyeballs in summer life but I saw these 
Sleep Over Pals in the Wee Wonderful Book
Sometimes you just have to stop 
and make something
SO adorable
just because.  

They were a pleasure to work with.  
Clear directions and awesome ideas. 
I will be a Grandma someday and 
I will need to have uber cute toys. 
So let the collection begin!! 


  1. So adorable! LOVE the mushroom fabric!
    I remember sleepovers, I wanted to have 1 so badly and unfortunately my mother didn't allow them. I think I attended 2 that were supervised by my older sister. I have 2 sons and my now 5yr old asked if he could sleep over his friends house. I thought "Are you crazy, no way!" Yep, I turned into my mother, then again he is only 5....... ;-)

  2. They are really cute and I just love your fabric choices. :) Quite adorable!

  3. Those are adorable...I am going to have to nip over there....shame on you!!!! One more fun things on my list....(I have to blame someone)

  4. I'm uber jealous! My three year old would looooove those! I have so many summer projects going....but I made need to add JUST one more.

  5. Too cute! Way to go on planning ahead. :) blessings, marlene

  6. Even cuter in person! Darling. They would be super cute out of my japanese fabrics! I'll put that on my list...

  7. really cute. and ♥ those very-BFF sleeping quilts.

  8. Oooh - I was 8 months pregnant in December, just when I got that book. I did the exact same thing - I was thinking "hmmm, what can I make for my son? And don't ya know I made the sleepover pals - they were too cute to NOT make! I have since given them away, but I'm kindof itching to make some more! (I like your fabrics better, but all of my materials were scraps from others. Here's my blog post:

  9. I love that book, and you did such a great job on those dolls. Looking forward to seeing your next creation from wee wonderfuls.