Monday, June 20, 2011

My Silver Lining

All year, knowing that my oldest was graduating,

instead of choosing to sob,

I chose to think about her room.


so how soon are you leaving for college?

Do you need some help packing?

I'm here to help."

Luckily, Shadowman that shares a room with Harry --

didn't even think to ask for the room.

Good thing, cuz he's not getting it.

I am.

A little Alexander Henry fabric on my new sewing chair!

Here is my Olivia sewing table

"in a fun vibrant pistachio green with gingerbread design"

with acrylic insert.

Hey, I've been sewing on the kitchen table for
20+ years.

This is a big deal!!

Look there's even storage in the chair!
I also got this Pixie Cutting Table.
There's a big cutting mat that goes on top of it.
Haven't set that up yet, not sure how to fit everything in the room.
I want to do a new valance and such...because her
Heather Bailey Freshcut doesn't jive w/ my Alexander Henry.
Don't I need to leave her bed?
Please advise.

So far the only thing I've sewn on is Boy Scout badges.

That's a great way to christen a new table, don't you think?!

Oh & even bigger news...the ironing board is out of the entryway.


It's a good day!


  1. Well I can hardly give any advice here. When my kids finally left the next, we sold our large home and moved into a very small bunglalow. JUST in case they decided to come And that extra spare room every home should have, turned out to be my sewing room...Ahhh no place to sleep...I could put up a tent. lol Ohhh back to you..I think you should leave the bed lol Ohhh by the way, love that chair...and did you say 20 yrs sewing on a kitchen table..ohhh my you are dedicated lol Ohhh love that fabric..great job there in choice..

  2. Yeah, you have to leave the bed!!! They keep coming back and they like to have a place to sleep! Although, a blow up mattress works well and is just uncomfortable enough that they don't stay long!!! LOL Enjoy your new found space!

  3. GORGEOUS!!! I love your sewing room. I like the air mattress idea. =)

  4. Yes, the bed must be there for visits. You don't want her having to sleep on the sofa do you?

  5. That's great Corrie! So glad you have your own sewing space, finally. Your sewing table and chair are cute!

  6. That sewing table is darling! great job:) Keep the bed for guests,for your daughter;)

  7. I am laughing because that is what I did to my third son.....and it is soooooooooooooo great to have a place to are doing yours up big time....I am jealous...but hey a room is a room.

  8. I usually don't give advice, (okay that's a lie I love telling people what they should do) but this is important. YES leave her bed! Even if she says that you don't need to, you need to. Maybe a new cute daybed that would double as a sofa?

  9. Congrats on your beautiful new room!! Yup...I agree...leave the bed. But..a bed makes a wonderful flat surface for WIP and misc stuff and when you have company you clear it off and voila...guest room. I just stayed with a friend for 3 days and I slept on the twin size bed in her sewing room. What a happy place to sleep!

  10. Yes, you definitely need to leave her bed! She will come home to visit, won't she? We took over our oldest daughter's room when she left for college, and I wish we hadn't. Even though she said it was fine, she ended up feeling like we didn't have room for her anymore. Love the sewing table!

  11. Bed, what bed? I'm still drolling over the sewing desk. Lucky girl!
    On a more serious note I would keep the bed for a while. Wait and see how often she comes home and if it is really used. Give it some time and then make a decision.

  12. Yes, keep the bed. You need a place to put all the crap that you don't want to put on your pretty pistachio gingerbread desk. Pretty soon, you won't even know there was a bed there.
    I only clean off the queen size bed when YOU come to visit. :)

  13. That is the best part about them heading off. I loved finally having a room to sew in where I could leave everything set up. It looks fabulous and I love that chair!!!!

  14. Oh, the table and the fabric- is it still in print?? Just wonderful and oh so happy- yes, my ironing board is in my entryway too :) Great minds think alike :)

  15. OK I will say it, I am jealous of your sewing table, I have seen it and I am in love. Lucky you!!
    Advice after having two daughter leave for college, it still needs to feel like their home when they come back. Keep the bed and the phone and the TV!!

  16. Exciting day indeed! I would leave the bed. You DO want Bella to feel welcome when she comes home don't you??? The room looks great - have fun!
    cjnid AT imaxmail DOT net

  17. I know I'm not supposed to but I am coveting that chair! And the table! You did wait until she left to move in, right? :) blessings, marlene

  18. I mainly asked the bed ? to make her nervous. Sure enough, she texted. :)

    It will be a shrine, except for my little corner.

    I was going to wait til college, but she ended up leaving for the entire summer, so why not now?!

    Yes, the table & the fabric are available. The Table is by Arrow & the fabric is Sew Now Sew Wow - alexander henry.

  19. WOW!!! Can't wait to come see your new "playroom" far as the bed...hmmmm, I think it should probably stay, that way she'll be sure to come back and visit you often. :0) Or if there just isn't enough room, throw the bed into one of the kids bedrooms and she'll have to share when she's many options. ENJOY! :0)

  20. **giggle** Love your new table and chair! I'm sure DD won't mind sharing her room. ;-)

  21. i'm not sure if i could sew in such a pretty room. it's lovely.

  22. My oldest graduated last year and has yet to move out He will be leaving this summer. My middle child has already called the room! Darn! She will graduate next spring and then she will be off to college. So i can wait another year I guess. As for me I will be getting rid of the bed. I am selfish. I want the whole room! LOL! Good luck!

  23. Keep the bed - it makes a great place to layout a quilt while you're working on it. :)

  24. You're hysterical! I'm thinking if you leave the bed, you'll surely have to make it a new quilt out of the Alexander Henry fabric!

  25. I know exactly how you feel...I did the same thing when my daughter left for college in 2007---I felt so bad...but I couldn't wait to finally have my own sewing room after so many years--

  26. Awesome. I think you need to paint Bella's bed a creamy white. That is the best sewing table. I'm going to check those out. And where did you get that sewing chair?

  27. That is so incredibly cute. You deserve it. Love love it.