Monday, August 1, 2011

Wantobe Quilter Campaign

It's the kick-off for the Wantobe Quilter Campaign!

It's here!!

It's hosted by Sew We Quilt @ Stash Manicure --Madame Samm. She's brought amazing sponsors & prizes on board all for you.

What an awesome opportunity to tell your friends.

Hopefully your friends can win some stuff so they'll stop borrowing your's.

I say that in the nicest way :).

Everyone is eligible to win prizes including sewing machines, irons,

cutters, fabric and much more

for 5 days a week for 3 months!

What do you do?

1) Email me ( your name & phone number

2) Be a follower of our Quilt Taffy blog (that's here)

if you don't know how to do that, email me.

3) Comment on the blog posts, see below.

When you comment, be sure to put my name (Corrie) somewhere. We're a team.

Starting August 1st...

If you are a new quilter that doesn't have your own supplies, maybe you've made a quilt before, but you're new. You should enter the drawings by COMMENTING

on Monday, Wednesday & Fridays.

If you're an experienced quilter, then you can still win great stuff by COMMENTING

on Tuesday & Thursdays.

Thank you to Madame Samm & all of the sponsors for this amazing campaign.

Let the winning begin!


  1. Hi Corrie! I just emailed you my information. I am a want to be quilter. I follow Stash Manicure's blog by Madam Samm, and now am a follower of Quilt Taffy. I love what I am learning about quilting and read many quilt magazines. I want to be able to eventually have quilts for all my family.

    Hope I can win something!


  2. Hi Corry,

    Now I know your name! Forgive me for reading too quickly.
    I'm already a follower of your blog and Madame Samm's.
    I'm not a new quilter, but not THAT experienced, but I suppose I'll get on.
    So from now on I'll comment on the T-days
    Will you say hello to Rosie for me?

    Betty van Os

  3. Corrie/Deslynn,
    Dear most amazing people in the world! Thank you Corrie for the amazing fabric you have that Des brings to me, Thank you for introducing me to this sweet awesome campaign where I hope to be a winner of something fantastic, it's all going to be fantastic since I don't have anything :) You are wonderful!! Jana

  4. Good morning Corrie, congratulations on your wonderful blog, and your sister too. Beautiful really.
    My name is Silvia I am from Brazil. I live in the south of the country, colonized by Germans peoples, I am married and I have two grown children. Then I started to sew, quilting and a weaver. I'm learning and I always need help and ideas. I like making new friends and practice my English too. I invite you to know my blog and follow me. And is possible I to do this Wantobe Quilter Campaign too?
    Good Week
    Silvia Lückmann

  5. Hi Corrie: I just sent you my name and phone number. I recently bought a charm pack from your etsy site to get started quilting. I'm making a quilted table topper to start. Thanks for the chance to win.