Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lollipop Kind of Day

It's that do.good stitches time again. 
My little flickr bee is back and I was the quilter this month.
I was inspired by this quilt on Moda Bake Shop. 
What I can't believe is how close we came 
to the mock up I made in EQ7.  

Wow, it looks just like the picture!
I asked for gray backgrounds and 
 Red, Pink and Orange Tree Tops 
with green trunks.  

Everyone did an exceptional job on the 
stitching and color choices.  
I'm so happy with it!!

It's going to a special friend who just had her 4th little babe.  
Who gets anything for their 4th baby????  

Well, this is going to sweet, little Mallory Anna.  
Sweet dreams, Lollipop!


  1. Beautiful job and good for you! Very sweet and every baby deserves a treat :)

  2. Hey Des, I always wondered how easy the EQ7 is to use? Your diagram looks just like your quilt, so I thought you'd be good to ask.

  3. What a wonderful gift for a new little baby. The quilt is adorable.

  4. that is a sweet quilt. Looks good enough to eat.

  5. Love this quilt! Great job!

  6. Dandelion: EQ7 is fun to use. I have 2 friends that both have it and they want to use it but they don’t know what to do. I’ve found you just have to dive in with an idea and then start playing.
    I’m sure I only do a fraction of its possibilities but I love, love what I can do with it. It’s very helpful for the pattern making that I do.
    I find it to be very user friendly and intuitive. But you do have to give it some time to practice and play with it.
    Have fun!!

  7. Hmmmmm.....that looks familiar! It is adorable. Thank you for mentioning your inspiration. ;)

  8. So, so so so cute. Great job :)

  9. I love it! I'm so happy to have been able to contribute some blocks for such a lovely quilt! :-)

  10. Totally lickable. The backing is as cute as the front. And your lavendar hollyhocks are sooo pretty.

  11. What a cute pattern. You all did a wonderful job!!

  12. It's as cute as it can be! Lucky baby!

  13. the colors are so fun to look at. beautiful work. great job.

  14. That is adorable!!!!!! I love it.

  15. Ok, it is downright AMAZING how much the quilt turned out like your mockup. But, more to the point, I love how it did turn out. Thank-you for your hard work, Des!

  16. What an adorable quilt. And a fantastic gift for a 4th baby too. AND, obviously, I love her new name LOL!