Monday, October 24, 2011

Ghastlie Blog Hop!

It's here!
The Ghastlie Blog Hop!
10 days of ghastly inspiration from
50+ Sistahs

Madame Samm instigated this awesome, demented showcase
of The Ghastlies fabric line from Alexander Henry.
& not only are there plenty of ideas,
there are plenty of generous prizes.

ON Monday October 24th

ON Tuesday October 25th
ON Wednesday October 26th

ON Thursday October 27th

ON Friday October 28th

ON Monday October 31st

ON Tuesday November 1st

ON Wednesday November 2nd
Be sure to visit here
ON Thursday November 3rd!

ON Friday November 4th

Each day, each featured blogger will send a name
from the commenters to Madame Samm & she'll pick a prize winner.
For more details visit Sew I Quilt.

To get started on your own delightful project,
we have Ghastlies fabric in our etsy store.


  1. I visited the sites today, love all the projects they made with the fabric, it is so fun and so many wonderful items that can be made with it.


  2. Sadly, I totally blew the blog hop -- I didn't realize we were supposed to keep an eye on the blog -- doh! I'll be keeping an eye out for your post though!

  3. It was fun to read about your Retreat. You forgot, "What happens at retreat- stays at Retreat!" Thanks for posting over at Sew we Quilt. I'm one of your new Followers.

  4. Just coming by to say Hi and thank you for the enjoyable 3 Ps on SEW WE QUILT today. I've never been to a quilt retreat but it sounds too, too fun! Love all your thoughts, ideas, and laughs. Have a good day. I, too, am enjoying the Ghastlies!!

  5. Your post was sew fun today at SewWeQuilt! Oh, can I come to your retreat? You crack me up, Des! Though my family would probably object--three retreats in the last month.... I can't help it, I was teaching at two of them! (Don't tell them - I have one more next week! Think I'll just sneak off...) And can you believe it? ANOTHER sewing machine giveaway!! Madame Samm's a pretty amazing gal. I'll bet she would be fun at a retreat, too!
    Right now I am just finishing up a few things for my Ghastlie post on ♪...Friday, Friday...♫ organized by our illustrious Madame Ghastlie herself. It's sure off to a great start! Happy Quilting, gals! Ms. D

  6. I Loved your retreat post at Madame Samms!! I would Love to go on one, but I don't have a machine, I borrowed my neighbors until she moved last week. But Thank~ful I was able to get my Ghastlie project done too!! I have been a follower here for awhile and I think you ladies are just terrific!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  7. Janice@martinplace.orgOctober 26, 2011 at 4:37 AM

    I had a quilting retreat at my farm house several years ago & one of my friends said "I don't sew but I want to come so I'll be your cook!!!". WOW!!! Was that a blast or what!?!?! We are still talking about how fun those few days were!!! Hope to do it again SOON!!
    Quilty hugs from Texas

  8. Quilters Retreat!! What fun- the entry over at Madam Samm's made me want to do something like that! Can't wait to finish reading todays Ghastlies!

  9. What a fun Quilters Retreat. I would love to win the sewing machine.

  10. Your retreat sounds like so much fun! I am a new follower.

  11. You crack me up. Would love to go on one of your retreats! It would be even better with a new sewing machine.

  12. What a fun post at SWQ! Love it....maybe one day I'll get to a retreat!

  13. What a Blast! Thanks for sharing with SWQ!

  14. Somewhere there must be a place to advertise for fun retreat-ers! Great post :)

  15. Your post was so fun! Love your blog and your shop! Have my Ghastlies fabric! thanks!