Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Trails to You

Got cute bundles of boy fabrics from Riley Blake.

Fox Trails by Shari Butler.
Embrace the great outdoors with campers,

raccoons, tents, s'mores and more.

On some of the promo material they sent with Fox Trails,

it's called Happy Trails.

Which I thought would be perfect for today's post....

"Happy Trails to you....

until we meet again."

I'm going to be out of the shop from
this Tuesday the 11th til the 23rd.

If you're needing some Ghastlies --
we got a bunch of them back in stock!!

Or if you're needing anything else,

just let me know this weekend.

Our Thursday giveaways
will begin again in November.
I missed this Thursday, I was busy being the
videographer for Des' son's homecoming.
I was all prepared to cry,

but was too intent on recording.
Thought I would mess the camera up.
You know, forget to hit RECORD or something.
But I got it.
It was a great day;
I'm so glad we could be there to share it.


  1. Really fun prints, I need to get quilting.
    I receieved my wonderful fabrics and i just love them, they are so much better in person. Now I need to think of something special to make with them. Will post about it and link to you, hopefully tomorrow.


  2. Luckily, the Ghastlies are available in my local quilt shop, so I could see them up close. Wouldn't they make some fun and entertaining Thanksgivings Day placemats & napkins? The black, white, and mauve colors could make for a really elegant table sstting.

  3. Pictures, we want pictures -- we all love a good cry!!! ;-D

  4. Loved the condo quilt retreat site you jealous and so wish I was there right now sewing away!!!! now if only Madam Samm picks to send ME the new sewing machine!!!!

  5. I totally want to go on a quilting retreat now! I follow your blog in my Reader but can't figure out how to "follow" it here, refreshed the page a few times to no avail.