Friday, May 11, 2012

Curvy Apples

Trying to make good on a promise,
that took a little longer to make
 than expected.

My younger daughter wanted
 a tablerunner for her desk. 


I adore the apple core block. 
I don't adore making it.
I admire people who do.

Here's my
because it makes 
 actually pleasant.

Put a little glue along the edge.
Place the fabric where you want it,
if you're off, 
you can pull it up and try again. 

When you have it right, 
just run your iron over it.  
It's stays in place and 
is ready to sew.




What do you think of
the fabrics?

They are a little random, but... 

they match pretty perfectly to her room.

Just have to
 finish it!


  1. I love apple core block too, but have never tried to make it. I think the random fabrics are great! Also, your daughter's room is *so* colorful--very cheerful and fun!


  2. Love how the Tablerunner matches the quilt...your daughter must be so pleased!

  3. It's lovely. I love apple core blocks but I'm not ready to try curves yet.

  4. It's gorgeous! And I love the glue idea, I might have to pull out my cut-out-but-not-yet-sewn apple core quilt and give it a try!

  5. What a great tip for those curves! I love the colors too -- her room looks so cute and colorful! (Are you two going to market next week???)

  6. Quilt Market -- we've talked about it. If we get a wild hair to drive 17 hours, we'll find you (thimbleanna)!

  7. I never heard of that glue, I have to get some, love that idea.
    I was looking at the curves presser foot, but this might be better.
    How does it do in the machine and is is ok on the needles?
    My machine goes w
    onky if anything gets in the bobbin area, so hate to gunk it up.


  8. That Tombo glue is THE best. Great invention!!!

  9. I like the fabric colors. They look good together.

  10. Looks great! Thanks for talking about the glue. So you can sew right through the glue?

  11. I try to put the glue at the edge of the fabric, so I'm not sewing over it, but I'm sure I do sew over some. I've gone over it with my iron before I sew it. I haven't had a problem with it at all.

  12. How lovely!
    The colors go so well.....You sew very nice as well!
    Have a great day!:):)