Friday, June 8, 2012

Dreamy Days of June

My little Do.Good flickr group decided to do a pouch swap.
It was a secret swap. 
I love a good secret. 

Here's my secret pouch to my secret friend.  
Who's no longer secret.  She's real. 
I can speak her name. 
Her name is Rachel

I decided on my favorite vinyl pouch
It makes me so happy to see what's inside. 
I've made several
Here's a hint to closing up those pesky ends. 
Maybe it's the shiny vinyl. 
If I was a cat I would like shiny things. 

Can't go wrong with a good hexagon. 
It was patterned after this purse
I love sewing hexagons on the sewing machine. 
If I was a hexagon, I'd go to Mexico and be a Mexagon!

I threw in a little needle case.

The hand in heart is classic folk art. 

If I was a heart I would love to be 
cradled in this polka dot hand.

This is the awesome pouch I received
from my secret friend, Linda.
If I was Nancy Drew I would have figured out that secret.

Look at the loooong pin cushion. 
I love it.  

Yep, if I was a pin cushion I would 
want to be long and skinny. 

Isn't summer great? 
Endless hours of dreaming.....


  1. Ohhhh, what lovely goodies, such crisp hexagons, must try those soon!

  2. I love the bag and long pin cushion! What a treat!

  3. Great pouches.
    I enjoyed your "if I was a..."

  4. I love the colours on the hexagons. I must say I have only hand pieced hexagons, is it easy on a sewing machine?

  5. This is a fabulous full of freshness and whimsy! Love this parade of pouches! That hand is so awesome!

  6. I want to be long and skinny too (but not a pincushion!)

  7. Lol...Thanks! While enjoying my morning coffee your humor was what I needed to get my day started.
    Pouches, pin cushions and folk art needle holders are all nice gifts to give and receive. Love all the bright and cheery colors.

  8. That's a lovely pouch!! Where did you get the plastic you used?

  9. Could you show us how to do machine mexigons? ;-)