Monday, June 18, 2012

Have I told you Lately....

......that I love Dumbo?
I do. 

Have I told you lately that I've been collecting sheets again?

Um, yeah like 2 days ago. 
So when I found Dumbo on my sheets??!!!
Well, dancing and singing proceeded. 

Can we all sing Casey Jr. coming down the tracks........? 

I can. 

Now can you tell me how best to utilize this bit of Dumbo love?
I still have my McDonald sheet that I can't bear to cut into. 

Have I told you lately how ridiculous that is?!


  1. Super find, I could not bear to cut it. I think it would have to hang on my wall to be oohed over for a while.

  2. Hilarious! Just yesterday I was singing "look out! look out! pink elephants on their way, here they come, hippity hoppity!"

  3. I used to have Cabbage Patch, Star Wars and ET sheets. Sometimes I think about all of the things I could have done with them!

  4. What a find! Can't believe you found Dumbo just waiting for you in a thrift store. I'm sure you'll come up w/ something great. I'd sell it on eBay ;).

    1. me wait. I don't think i would ever buy them in the first place...unless I was getting them for her lol

  5. this will be a shock...I don't know Dumbo...this is a first for me....the truth of the matter is, I never watched tv till the late 90's school abroad and then work, I never owned a tv, till I met my DH....Was Dumbo a cartoon? WEll I would make curtains out of it for grandkids bathroom lol. or you can make them for you....or you can make shower curtains with them and just add a liner. or you can just sleep on them lol

  6. Fun stuff Des...I don't collect sheets, but I'm sure you will change my mind with whatever you come up with!

  7. don't cut it up - use it as quilt backing!

  8. Well, I done seen about everything when I see an elephant fly....heehee! LOVE the song with the crows! LOL Can't wait to see what you do!

  9. I own a Miss Piggy sheet, and I dare anyone to tell me something against it, it's mine and I'm not sharing it :)

  10. Oh WOW - both of those sheets are Awesome! I must've watched dumbo a million times when the kids were little. And I have the perfect thing for that McSheet - we have good friends who own ten stores and he has throat cancer. Don't you think he needs a quilt or scarf or something??? (JK - about you giving up your sheet - sadly, not about the other.). XOXO

  11. I think it is best to be used as a crib sheet or a quilt backing for a baby's quilt. Definitely, do not cut it!