Friday, June 15, 2012

What if

I thought I was done buying grandma's old sheets at the thrift store. 

But I looked at my dwindling pile and started to panic.

What if I need curtains?

What if I need a prairie skirt?
What if I need quilt backs?
What if I need a toga? 

What if I need more wedding quilts?
What if I want to be a shower curtain for Halloween?
What if I need table cloths for a summer party?
And what if I only want to pay $1 a yard for such fabrics??

So I started buying again. 
What if I want to make another one of these?
Or this?

Whew, good thing I've started collecting again.


  1. AND besides that, there are some really pretty fabrics to be found in sheets!

  2. Lovely....... 10 yrs ago who would've thunk we'd be looking for such lovelies.... :)

  3. lol funny. I feel the same way about fabrics.

  4. This made me giggle :) I can totally relate!!

  5. These are beauties! I just don't seem to have good luck finding pretty vintage sheets. I guess I need to keep looking.

  6. What if they are no longer available???? That's what I am finding in my area. None to be found :-(

  7. I loved this post...yes, definitely...what if you could no longer find them...glad you snatched them up!

  8. Great finds! I can't stop shopping either. ;-) Have fun with your new sheets!

  9. I never see any at our thrift stores around here. It is so funny though- I remember some of those patterns from long ago.

  10. That half hour when you were collecting must have been terrifying!!!

  11. You're too funny! I thought I was done, too...until I saw this post on Pinterest this morning!

  12. My favorite use is the back of quilts. Love that. Dumbo was outlawed at my house when my then 3 year old cried and cried when Dumbo was separated from his mother. She still doesn't forgive me for letting her watch this and she's 29 this year.