Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dollies All in a Row

My cute niece is having her third little girl in a row. 
So how perfect will these little dollies be for the new big sisters??!!
So far it's a family of tow heads.
Where did that saying come from? 
Tow heads?  Am I even spelling it right?

I could not for the life of me find butter yellow felt for hair. 

So I had to go with fleece.  
I think it worked just fine.

I love making these. 
I'm a sucker for a Princess Leia look alike.

Made some a year ago
and maybe I'll make some more next year. 

Maybe dollies EVERY year! 

The new baby gets this Speedy Baby
Free pattern. Super easy and speedy.
I had a cute Hopscotch charm pack just waiting in the wings. 

Note to self:  Pick up some yardage next time. 
But I kind of like adding some different fabrics and prints.

The backing is flannel dots with a 
strip of something, something orange.

You'll also notice the lovely fold markings. 
Note to self:  when making quilts ahead of time.  Don't fold...roll.  

Now, everyone go refold your quilts that you have 
folded up in your cedar chests!!




  1. HELLO! Oh she will love these! Just adorable and I can almost hear the little girls squeal with glee! Such a thoughtful idea and I'm going to remember it-Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Very cute dollies! I have three little girls myself, 6, 3, and 1. It is bliss. Not sure where tow headed comes from or even how it's spelled, but I know I was mystified in college when I saw the word "hoary" in a poem and it meant white hair. I'm pretty sure the phrase was "hoary-headed swineherd." Sounds gross.

  3. Oh my gosh, the little dolls are adorable!!! As for being Tow Heads...well, I was a Tow head, until I was 19, then I turned into a White Head...ummm...that doesn't sound exactly right, LOL. But I just meant that my hair was as white as snow by the time I was 19. As far as spelling Tow Head, I don't know either, but we all know what it means. They are going to love their dollies!!! Hugs...

  4. Your quilt is cute. Love charm packs.

  5. The phrase "tow headed" comes from flax being processed into thread. Flax fibers were pulled through a nail bed to separate the fibers and comb them. This was called "towing" So kids with flaxen hair were called "towheads"

    The dollies are adorable.

  6. Love the dollies AND the quilt! Thanks for the speedy baby quilt pattern, too!

  7. That is such a great idea for the bigger sisters. Great quilt too.

  8. Those dollies are so cute and I like the fleece for hair better. No tangles!

  9. Looks like a fun project. They are darling. Cute fabrics!

  10. How thoughtful of you. So many big sisters are forgotten when new baby is showered with gifts. Love the dollies. Thanks Gene from comment above for the history of "tow head".

  11. Your dollies are adorable!Is there a pattern out there on the web for them? I love the quilt too! Tha you for sharing,

    1. The pattern is from a book by Hillary Lang. Lots of cute things in it!!

  12. those little babies are adorable. love the quilt too.

  13. Super cute Des. I like the fleece hair, too. :-)

  14. really like the quilt.

  15. I am smitten.......... Love the quilt!!!

  16. Oh my - those dollies are the cutest little girlies I've ever seen! Wish I had a few pockets full of them!!! The fleece hair is perfect!