Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Babies on Board

Baby  Season
After all of those weddings last summer, 
it was inevitable.....

Boys on Board
This first one is a great Moda Bake Shop quilt. 
It's called Simply Woven.  The pattern is for 2 jelly rolls. 

I used one jelly roll and ended up with a nice 48" x 60". 
You need to be on your toes and not distracted 
while cutting and piecing. 
Yes, it's simple but watch closely.  Easy to get off track.  
I'd totally make it again. 

Red minky for the back.  
Made a couple of burp rags with leftover scraps. 

Slightly, and I mean slightly
embellished some inexpensive IKEA bibs.

Next baby boy on board.......
Mom chose the Bizzy Kid pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew.

She wanted blues and browns.  
Um.....the greens kind of took over.  


Didn't see that coming until it was too late.  
I love the illustrations and easy directions 
of the Bizzy Kid pattern.  

 And now we approach spring weddings again........


  1. very nice quilts....I love how bright they are.

  2. Beautiful quilts and accessories. We are expecting our first grandchild in two months so I need to get going on his quilt.


  3. Both of these quilts are adorable! I love the bizzy kid pattern!

  4. So cute! I have a couple of baby quilts that need to be made before late summer and one wedding quilt for sure.

  5. I really like the baby quilts especially Simply Woven. The colors are so bright. So cute!

  6. Your quilts are fantastic.
    I love the Bizzy Kids one especially. :0)
    Plus your cute little tag!
    Did you make those yourself?

    1. I ordered them via etsy:


      i love them!!

  7. Cute, cute. I agree...the babies are popping out all over the place which reminds me that I need to get the Lorax one quilted and bound. That baby is due in about a month.

  8. Thanks for showing off some boy quilts--they can be so boring compared to girl quilts. Your quilts are so far from being boring...love them both!

  9. I love sewing baby quilts!!! Those look great - especially the lattice one.

  10. Cute baby quilt! I love the bibs and burp cloths too. What fun projects to make:)

  11. Great inspiration! I have 4 baby quilts to make this spring/summer... Love the idea of adding in the bibs and burp cloths.

  12. Dang cute!!! I need to get busy - babies coming this summer - yowza! Thanks for the easy bib tutorial!

  13. Two marvelous baby quilts, and wonderful "extras" too...thanks for the linkie for the tag -- I was going to ask about that, too!

  14. Bright quilts. Just the way I like them. Love your tag too.

  15. Love Love Love the quilts! EThe Bizzy Kid pattr would be wonderful for dinasour quilt I just gathered fabric for a quilt for my grandson. Where can I find that pattern? Thank you for sharing all these beautiful quilts!