Friday, May 3, 2013

Love Can Do That

Latest Vintage Sheet Quilt. 
Just a simple layout of triangle squares.  

 Was inspired by this "loved" on the back of a quilt. 
Hers was awesome! 

Wish I would have made mine darker. 
Kind of gets lost. 
But love can do that to you..... 

I tried a new machine quilting design.
New for me. 
 Inspired by this.
My brain usually only goes circular.
But I pulled out some straight,
jagged-y stops and turns. 
But love can do that to you, too......
This was made for my hipster niece 
who was married last weekend in Portland.
It may be a new thing I do for my wedding quilts.  
And baby quilts.
And graduation quilts.
And Anniversary quilts. 
And quilts that keep me warm at night. 
I love 'love'. 

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  1. That simple block with those bold prints is very effective. Can I be your niece? :)

  2. Very pretty! I "love" how you added the word love to the back.

  3. So sweet! I bet it will be loved for many years to come!

  4. Soooooooooo pretty! What size is this? Looks fairly large.

    1. I think it was 63ish" x 75ish"???
      I think the triangle squares were 8 or 9".
      Sorry for the non-specifics!

  5. Very nicely done!! Love it! question? how did you put the "love" on.? did you sew it down to the back before you quilted? also love the scrip you used. thanks for sharing

    1. I put it on with heat and bond, sewed around the edges and then I machine quilted it.
      I’m hoping to do a little tutorial on it. Just want to get better pictures for my next quilt.
      Watch for it. Thanks!!

  6. Vintage sheets? Great idea! Love this!

  7. Love that the "love" is subtle and not bold. So pretty.

  8. I loved it...your niece loved it too. Yes, please get us a tutorial asap.

  9. That's a beautiful idea to put that on the back...your quilt is so lovely! Very nice wedding gift!

  10. i really love how effective this is.

  11. Very, very pretty! And I LOVE that the "Love" is subdued -- almost like a little well kept secret!