Friday, June 28, 2013

Getting Ready for the 4th - Pinterest Reviews

I am here for you this 4th of July. 
Well, me and Pinterest.  
Pinterest and I.  
We are here for you.

I've been practicing my cooking skills for entertaining this next week. 
I've found some perfect recipes!

First up, a great video from Everyday Food. 
Made this Pulled Pork and I will never go back 
to boring sweet pulled pork. 
I loved the spice and the non-sweetness of this sauce. 
Took a little babysitting with the basting. 
But it was worth it. I'm not quite sure I understand the purpose of basting, yet. 
But I like to follow directions. 
I'm very obedient, that way. 

It's strawberry season so this salad hits the spot. 

Apple Tortellini Salad
I didn't even have to go to the store to get the ingredients!
You know that's a keeper! 
Loved the fresh apple vinaigrette.
It doesn't look like there is very much dressing, 
but it totally covered the salad. 

I've never made a cake from scratch, until NOW!
Doesn't that just scream summer?
It was perfect.  I've even made it TWICE now. 

Tried these cookies today. 
I just feel so American making and eating these. 
Sugary and Root Beer-y. 
They're a soft, chewy cookie with a subtle 
Root Beer flavor!! 

Happy Entertaining and Celebrating!!   
 Come on Down~ Corrie and Family!!

If you don't have enough food boards 
to follow on Pinterest
try ours! 
Salads, Sweets, and Food


  1. I have a lead on what to do with the bag of tortellini in my pantry...!!!

  2. I'm going to try that pulled pork, too!

  3. I gained 10 pounds reading your post...yum! If it weren't 113 outside, I'd be turning on my oven to make that cake (so I pinned it instead for a cooler day.) It looks delicious! :O)

  4. OK. I am sitting here eating aged cheese chunks and pretzels for dinner! And you post about REAL food. Yikes. Where's the airport so I can fly on over and raid your frig for leftovers? Save me some, do you hear me?

  5. OMG, I want to get in my car right now and drive across the country so I can eat at your house!!! If I leave in the next hour think I can make it in time for the 4th? I'll be coming from Florida! LOL!

  6. The apple tortellini salad looks great! Of course, I would probably have a hard time getting my husband to eat a salad with fruit on it.

    I made two pinterest recipes today... one was great and the other was an eh (for looks, not for taste, really)

  7. I like to follow recipes to the letter as well - I tell my family then I can blame the recipe if things don't taste right! That salad looks so good!!

  8. You're too funny! Thanks for the reviews -- two out of four of those hit the spot for me and I REALLY want to try both of them. (Here's a hint: I have a huge sweet tooth LOL) Don't we LOVE our pinterest???

  9. Yes, it is so American baking AND eating, isn't it. Everything looks great, jealous of Corrie!