Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Ghastlie Holiday

Oh, those Ghastlies are back for Christmas.

The whole family has returned.

I would love to know the story 
from the designers.

Why is the pink hammer girl 
wearing a bunny mask?
I've asked.  
We'll see if I get an answer.

We have A Ghastlie Holiday in
Tombstone Green
Blood Red
and Smoke Grey.

(Des, who does this guy remind you of?)

I think I want a Christmas quilt to go along with

I finally got this quilted, bound
and entered in the fair this year.

Got a blue ribbon in the Halloween Quilt Division.  
Yeah, not expecting much competition there, 
but sure enough some lady had
 this incredible stitchery pumpkin Halloween quilt 
and she won the division.  
I think there were 2 of us entered.  :)
Oh, the fun of the county fair!

Let's do some
holiday sewing!
is in the shop. 


  1. oh goodness. save me some. loving the green!

  2. That is so fun and love the halloween quilt you made.


  3. Great use of fabric with your Halloween quilt. I'd say it a winner, for sure.

  4. Oh they are back for the Holidays. Yes, why is she wearing a mask? Oh I love your quilt, congratulations on your ribbon.

  5. I love this fabric, in case I haven't mentioned that before! I hope you get an answer about the mask. :O)

  6. Corrie, that quilt is awesome!! I love this Christmas Ghastly.

  7. Yes, I need a Christmas quilt with this!!!
    Is it Leland?? Mr. Heat Miser? who do you think?

    1. Yep, looks like Leland to me :). Maybe you should make them a cushion.

  8. Oh wow -- I haven't seen the ghastlies with the red background. In theory they're SO. Darn. CUTE. But. There might be something wrong about ghastlies at Christmas LOL. On the other hand -- sure would be fun to have a match to my Halloween quilt. LOVE your Halloween quilt!!!

  9. I'm finally a fan of Ghastlie's! LOVE the Christmas line.

  10. Well you know how i feel about ghastlies, love this quilt, this was from our hop yes? And a christmas one...ohhhh yes must do that too. Not surprising you won something besides my heart of course lol

  11. I was taking to my quilt store lady, and I guess all the characters are based on real family members, If you look closely at the Halloween line, one couple has a baby in carriage and another growing in utero. In this line, both kids are visible (one being held upside-down)

    We think there should be a family "Summer Holiday" You know the black and white striped swim suits, croquet, mounted hunting... that would be amazing.