Monday, December 2, 2013

Breathe in and out

It's here!
How are we feeling? 
I'm just a little stressed today. 
I am looking forward to Christmas and
 then my daughter's getting married
at the end of the month.
I'm still ignoring and
in denial
on that one. 
Yeah, this cupcake's face
 is how I feel today.
Let's think about Christmas -  that does calm me.
For Christmas presents
I want to make 4 more of these.
(Really I want to make 10, but...
I also have Zombie treasures to make!)
I've got one coin purse made
and one cut out.
Feeling pretty good about that.
Harry's teacher gift (below) is done!
I just give his teachers the same thing every year,
 I mean it's a different teacher,
Maybe the teachers see them and think,
oh, I hope I'm lucky enough to get Harry in my class. lol
We'll find something good to put in there.
I've had to wait to make them
because I needed more thread, but it's here.
We have a great set of size 16 Finca Prescencia
threads.  These are the ones you can top stitch with. 
They are also great for embroidery and much more.
I use this thread to also
 sew the coin purse handles on. 
 Our holiday SALE ends today.
The purse frames and
 threads are on sale too! 

I'm off to sew and bind a quilt.
What are you working on?


  1. Wow! Your daughter is getting married ... Congratulations to her and YOU WILL get through Christmas and the wedding in one piece!! Thank you for the Teacher Gift idea :) I did purchase some of these purse closures from you and didn't end up making them a while ago ... you rock!!

  2. Cute little coin purses! Do you have a pattern for those? They look hard, but really cute. Congrats on your daughter getting married. New years will be great for you!

    1. Here is the pattern:

      I have the fusible fleece & handles if you need them.

      By the New Year, it will all be over :).

  3. I just spent 4 hours cyber shopping. literally!!! going through every website to get the best deal and then trying to remember what I was ordering on each site. clothes shopping for e. brother!!! THAT's stressful!!

  4. I am working on clean up from having company over Thanksgiving... SO happy the sale is still on today for us late to the game! Cute coin purses and congrats on the daughters upcoming wedding! How fun!

  5. Very cute coin purses. OMG the proposal was sooooo sweet.

  6. Wow, what a busy season for you!!! Happy Christmas and Best Wishes!