Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Des was here last month. 
She and my little guy were sitting on the couch
 going through her Crafty Pinterest Pins.
That's what hip aunts and nephews do.
They were just chatting and looking
at stuff like this...
Dinosaur Serving Dish


A week later, after a hard Sunday morning...
(It's so interesting, that every other day of the week,
 my son is up at the crack of dawn, but
on Sundays before church, he just cannot get out of bed.
It makes for a miserable morning.)
he tells me we should make the yellow sign.
Yellow sign?
What are we talking about?
Aunt Desi's sign
from her computer.
(Sorry, I can't find the original source pin.)
I roll with it. 
I've been wanting to try something like this
with my Silhouette Cameo and
anything to help his attitude!
So the next week,
I surprise him after school
with the supplies. 
Found the canvas at Michael's. 
They were 1/2 off. 
I got 2 canvases for $5! 
They are pretty big.
I've never done anything like this,
 we'll see how it goes.
I had the letters cut out
of vinyl and ready.
He had to first rub the letters
in the right place.
And then pick
his paint color.
This is where I'm thinking --
the sign looks good, are we
going to ruin it?

He starts
to paint.

Once he painted the sides,
it was pretty dry, so
he started peeling the letters off.

It worked!

He's super happy with it.
Hung it in his room.
We talk about it every few days,
and honestly it has helped.
I think it's because
it was his idea.
He is

 Awesome boy should be home
anytime now.
I've got a great snack for him.
Oreo's filled with toothpaste.
Happy April Fool's Day!


  1. if only everyone had an awesome hip aunt.......he's adorable. And I would like him to make ME a sign just like it!!!! THEN I can stop being sad that I don't have one and I can be awesome like him. that's my goal!

    1. Well I think if he has a hip aunt then I have a hip neighbor and if she is going to have a cool sign like that then her neighbor should have one too.... just saying :)

  2. Well, we have an extra canvas, what color would you like? :) Maybe the two of you could bond making it. We'll save it for your next visit.

  3. Oh I am SO CLOSE to buying a silhouette. Those signs are so awesome! So are all of you ;-)

    1. If you come to the retreat we could make one! Come on Jen... it won't be the same without you. Remember when we painted photos?? Those are lifelong memories. lol

    2. Jen....we could make dinosaur cake plates!!!

  4. oh-my-awesome-goodness. what a nice young man. hope he has a sense of humor. yuck!! toothpaste!!

  5. Poor thing..he may never eat oreos again! GROSS!!! HA

  6. This IS awesome! What a lucky little boy.

    1. Well, aside from the toothpaste... I'll have to try that one next year. :)

  7. He is so cute! :) I try to be an awesome aunt, like Des.

  8. Great sign! My 18yo son and I have an ongoing understanding that I am Awesome and he is Awesome in Training! Not sure when I'm going to let him graduate to Awesome but its our running joke! Love the Oreos filled with toothpaste! That way you get your chocolate bikkie and clean teeth at the same time, multi-tasking at its best!

  9. I so loved this post! The toothpaste was too funny. If I'd had those Oreos as a kid Id have better teeth today!
    Can you buy the vinyl letters at Michael's too?

    1. I'm not sure where you can buy vinyl letters. I bet they have something there. I'll have to look next time.

  10. Hahaha -- how did the oreo trick go? What a great one! LOVE LOVE the sign and the adorable pics of your AWESOME boy -- what a fun post!!!!

    1. He looked shocked. He smiled. It was April Fool's Day 101 around here. We rubberbanded the sink sprayer, he went to wash his hands and again he was shocked, soaked and just started laughing & laughing. He thought it was all the best thing ever. Too funny.

  11. You're the awesomest mom EVER! LOVE that sign - we should all make one at the retreat - I'm serious! And the Oreo's - stellar!

  12. That's great. Love the color.