Friday, April 4, 2014

Dollies in a Bottle

 After Monkey Heads....this was my next project.  

I'm so in love with these fabrics from Ann Kelle. 
They make a perfect dolly. 
So I channeled my Grandma Jo and started crocheting purses!!

Didn't you grow up with those awesome baby bassinet bottles?  
I'm sure our mothers bought them all at the Church Bazaar.  

This is my updated version. 
Mermaids (my personal fave)
Boys AND Girls
(may have been the whole reason for a Super Girl themed Retreat
These are for sale in my etsy store
Grab one for your Easter Basket!
Grab one for MY Easter Basket!

Or grab a yard or two of fun fabric and make your own!! 


  1. fabulous idea, these will make great presents. xx

  2. this is another lovely project. really like it.

  3. The bottles are such a fantastic idea! I made the supergirls for my granddaughters after you had posted about the little dolls before (I'm too lazy to look up your earlier post, but it definitely inspired me!) Now my granddaughter asked me to make the super boys for her too, so her girls will have friends :) That's what I get for taking her to the fabric store with me!

  4. awwww. They are adorable! All of them. Grandma Jo would be proud.

  5. Oh my gosh, these are adorable. I need to make these for ALL my grandkids and a couple sets for school. Did you back them with the same doll pattern or a different piece of fabric? I have never heard of the bassinet bottles, now I need to find a pattern for them. How many dolls can I get out of a yard of material?